Still waiting for a Tesla 3? Elon Musk offers US$1,500 surfboard if you’re already bored with flame-thrower

Surfboard was created by Tesla’s design studio in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 July, 2018, 11:21am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 July, 2018, 11:30am

Waiting for the delayed delivery of your Tesla 3 and at a loss for things to do? You could go surfing on a board that has the same label.

Tesla has just launched a sleek, US$1,500 carbon fibre surfboard that shares the same finish as its cars – but you may already be too late as the item sold out on the company’s online store on Saturday. As a limited edition, only 200 will be produced.

The latest merchandise comes hot on the heels of other quirky goods offered by billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk to promote his companies, including US$20 Boring Company hats and a US$500 limited edition flame-thrower. Musk sold 35,000 hats, or US$700,000 worth of them, while all 20,000 flame-throwers were sold.

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With a Tesla logo on the top and bottom of its carbon fibre body, the surfboard was created by the company’s design studio in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos, surfboard shaper for World Surf League Championship athletes. Tesla Model S, X and 3 cars can comfortably accommodate the board either inside or outside the vehicle, according to the online product description.

The board is already out of stock, according to Tesla’s online store. Those who have successfully placed an order will have to wait 2 to 10 weeks for delivery.