Five wacky things you never knew existed are actually available on e-commerce site Lazada

From prank smartphones to pens with hidden spycams , it’s all available on the Southeast Asian counterpart of Taobao

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 April, 2018, 1:12pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 April, 2018, 1:15pm

We have all seen or at least heard of the weird, quirky things you can find on Chinese e-commerce site Taobao, but its Southeast Asian counterpart Lazada does stock its fair share of crazy stuff too to ensure that no one gets left out.

Lazada is 83 per cent-owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited, which also owns Taobao (along with the South China Morning Post), and has invested a total of US$4 billion in the portal, which operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Since March last year, Lazada has also hosted a dedicated online store called Taobao Collection, to link shoppers in Singapore who want to shop from Taobao and are more comfortable with a local connection.

But as it turns out, you don’t need to go to Taobao to find some really wacky items to buy.

Business Insider browsed Lazada and found at least five items you’d never thought existed which you can actually buy.

Armpit sweat pads

Unpleasant sweat stains are unavoidable when you’re running about all day in a humid climate.

For just S$14 (US$10.68), you can say goodbye to those embarrassing moments with these sweat pads which promise to keep you “cool and dry”.

They can also be reused too, so that’s a bonus for the environmentally-conscious.

Squeaky smiley toys for your pet dog

Dog toy manufacturers are known to get creative when it comes to entertaining pooches and their owners with novelty products, but this just takes the cake.

If your canine’s set of teeth aren’t appealing enough, this statement chewing toy’s bound to put a smile on your face – and your dog’s too. Great for family photos and Halloween (for you, not the dog).

Spy cam

Live out a real-life James Bond moment with this bullet pen that doubles up as a spy camera.

It comes with a whopping 32GB storage (SD card not included) and a built-in rechargable battery and might change the game for students and creeps alike.

The best part is, the pen works as an actual pen too, so you’ll be getting a bang for your buck.

Supreme money gun

Make it rain money like you’re in a Drake music video with this Supreme money gun.

It’s great for those celebratory moments and comes with a tonne of fake cash, so it doesn’t even have to come out of your own pocket. Authenticity not guaranteed.

Electric shock phone

Nobody is going to fall for the overdone garlic chewing gum prank anymore, but this might just work.

Lazada carries fake iPhone toys that promise to shock anyone who touches the home button. The volume buttons also activate white and laser lights from the back of the phone, so this novelty item doubles up as a torchlight. Apple warranty not included, clearly.

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