Beijing drone maker Zero Zero inks exclusive Apple retail partnership

Its US$499.95 Hover Camera Passport selfie drone will be sold in Apple stores worldwide

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 April, 2017, 8:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 April, 2017, 8:00am

Zero Zero Robotics, the Chinese drone maker, is following in the footsteps of market leader DJI in sealing an exclusive retail partnership with Apple, as the Beijing start-up looks to expand its reach around the globe.

Zero Zero’s selfie drone, dubbed the Hover Camera Passport, is currently sold for US$499.95 in Apple stores both online and offline in the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and the UK. Apple stores in the rest of the world will now begin selling the drone from May.

The start-up had been selling the Hover Camera Passport on its website since the device launched last October, and the Apple link could mean a significant boost in orders.

Customers eager to get their hands on the device will be able to immediately buy it off shelves in Apple stores, rather than wait several days for the product to arrive if ordered online.

The model was launched to much fanfare last year, thanks to its fully-enclosed, foldable form as well as its artificial intelligence technology which allows the drone to recognise and follow the user.

Shenzhen-based drone manufacturing giant DJI linked up with Apple last year as the exclusive launch partner for its Phantom 4 drone, with the latter showcasing the device in special in-store display.

The Hover Camera Passport will also be available for demonstrations at select Apple stores, according to Zero Zero.

“We’re thrilled to bring autonomous flying photography into the hands of consumers who are excited by truly innovative technology that impact their everyday lives,” said Wang Mengqiu, Zero Zero’s founder and chief executive.

“By selling in Apple [stores], we want more customers to capture their memories in a near-effortless way through breathtaking perspectives that can be achieved through the Hover Camera Passport.”

In a further effort to make the selfie drone more appealing to Apple users, the start-up has also made the Hover Camera Passport compatible with Apple video editing software including iMovie and Final Cut Pro X, allowing Apple users to upload photo and video content for sharing and editing by connecting the drone to their Apple device.