Watch out Wi-fi, here comes Li-fi - and it’s 100 times faster, says Estonian start-up

Company boasts of potentially revolutionary new tech that uses visible light to transmit data.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 November, 2015, 7:14pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 November, 2015, 7:22pm

A start-up in the northern European country Estonia is promising to reinvent Wi-fi with speeds of up to 100 times quicker than current technology offers.

Li-fi, a wireless technology which uses visible light to transmit data, has been shown to be able to send information at up to 1GB per second in pilot tests by the company Velmenni.

“Currently we have designed a smart lighting solution for an industrial environment where the data communication is done through light. We are also doing a pilot project with a private client where we are setting up a Li-fi network to access the internet in their office space,” Deepak Solanki, CEO of Velmenni, told the International Business Times this week.

Li-fi refers to visible light communications technology that uses the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data, unlike Wi-fi, which relies on radio frequency signals.

Li-fi is more energy efficient, safer, as it uses visible light, and more secure as Li-fi signals are confined to a certain area and cannot travel through walls.

Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh is recognised as the inventor of Li-fi. He founded the company pureLiFi to develop the visible light communication technology.

Velmenni is implementing Li-fi technology in smart LED bulbs, with a plan to combine the technology to boost existing Wi-fi networks, rather than replacing these networks altogether.

Velmenni said its smart LED bulbs will be able to transfer data to other bulbs, the internet and mobile phones.