Art scene in China
  • Born in New York, Mimi Chun moved to Hong Kong when she was five. After she chose to study film at university, her father didn’t speak to her for six months
  • She later got into photography, and decided to open a gallery as there were few contemporary art galleries at the time dealing with the medium

An artist in Guangzhou has taken it upon himself to “plant” felt flowers on corners and walls that are run down, bringing joy to the public.


Hong Kong architect talks us through his firm’s dramatic bayside building in the city in southern China, with its curved facade and tilted tower, which completes a cultural complex in Baoan district planned since 2007.


Nathan Drahi, the son of Sotheby’s billionaire owner Patrick Drahi, will take over the auction house’s Asia operations at the end of 2021. It marks a further changing of the guard at the 277-year-old auction house.

The collectors of the Min Chiu Society are showing some of their most prized pieces at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The 40-odd members of the exclusive club founded 60 years ago are all men, but it is ‘ready to accept women’.