• On the heels of Netflix’s 3-part documentary Arnold, Taschen has released a 2 volumes chronicling Schwarzenegger’s evolution from Mr Universe to Hollywood hero – and from Terminator to ‘Governator’
  • Work by famous photographers Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts and even pop art godfather Andy Warhol all feature in the candid career retrospective

Residents are getting tired of dealing with up to 10,000 visitors a day and in late August blocked the road leading to the village. A replica of the village was built in China about a decade ago.

Austrian rail operator OeBB has Europe’s biggest fleet of night trains, serving 1.5 million passengers in carriages that include bed compartments.


The Hungarian government is releasing thousands of foreign prisoners serving sentences for human trafficking on the condition they leave Hungary within 72 hours, according to a decree issued by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Both sides say the meeting between Wang Yi and Jake Sullivan in Vienna was ‘candid and constructive’ but analysts remain cautious about where it will lead.


Hong Kong-owned hotel brand Rosewood’s Vienna hotel is perfectly located on Petersplatz and includes the Neue Hoheit restaurant and Asaya Spa, with prices starting at US$765 per night.

Earlier on Thursday the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna reported that 2.5 tonnes of the material had gone missing from a Libyan site and ‘may present a radiological risk’.

The puppets and their startlingly lifelike movements take years to master, which is why Salzburg Marionette Theatre’s work has Unesco World Heritage status.

The Austrian lender, which plays a critical role in the Russian economy, said it had received a request to ‘clarify payments business and related processes maintained by RBI’ in light of events related to Russia and Ukraine.


Over 100 years since her death, Empress Elisabeth of Austria is having an unprecedented pop culture moment, thanks to Netflix’s The Empress, biopic Sisi & I and the Oscar-tipped Corsage


Caged for 20 years so diners could watch him, fed a poor diet and unable to hibernate, Mark is overweight, ill, stressed; welfare group says he’s the 34th wild animal they’ve helped to move out of the country.

After inheriting a 49 per cent stake in Red Bull from his late dad Dietrich ‘Didi’ Mateschitz, Mark Mateschitz now has a net worth of US$15.7 billion … but what do we know about him?

The actor was at Auschwitz, which was under German occupation during WWII, as part of his work with the Auschwitz Jewish Centre Foundation, whose mission is to fight hatred through education.

Vienna is home to small-scale vineyards attached to wine bars called Heuriger, which traditionally make young wines from a mix of grapes. They have a new focus on quality and consistency to draw the young crowd.

A private aircraft en route from Spain to the German city of Cologne flew way off course and ended up far over the Baltic Sea before crashed into the water off the coast of Latvia.

Extreme weather warnings continue and rescue services are on high alert after hail, heavy rain and winds up to 224km per hour swept the region this week.


From US$100,000 upwards you can earn citizenship in many sun-kissed Caribbean countries – but an Austrian EU passport will set you back nearly US$10 million

In its annual World Drug Report, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said legalisation appears to have accelerated the upwards trends in reported daily use of the drug.

Instead of following the herd when global tourism resumes, why not look out alternative attractions in some of the world’s most visited countries? From Utah to Sicily to Galicia in Spain, we’ve got you covered.