Bitcoin, released to the world in 2009 by a person or people called Satoshi Nakamoto, is not backed by a central bank or a government and is seen as an alternative payment system. In February 2013, Bitcoin went into the mainstream as a monetary crisis threatened to bankrupt Cyprus, seen as a safer bet. Early adopters of Bitcoin have been richly rewarded as the price has soared – in one case, a young Norwegian bought a house from an $850,000 windfall on a US$22 investment.


Proposals allowing retail investors to trade in big-cap cryptocurrency tokens on licensed platforms with regulatory oversight would enhance the city’s reputation for prudent financial innovation.


In light of the cryptocurrency industry’s crisis, insiders can no longer claim they are above regulation or that governments just don’t ‘get it’. The hype has turned out to be just like any other financial manias of the past

  • Zhao will have to stay in the US until the court considers whether he should remain through his sentencing hearing in February, or be allowed to return to the UAE
  • Zhao faces a maximum prison sentence of 18 months under federal guidelines and has agreed not to appeal any sentence up to that length

Israel froze 143 Tron wallets between July 2021 and October 2023 that it believed were connected to a ‘designated terrorist organisation’.


Binance and its founder Changpeng Zhao’s guilty plea to US anti-money-laundering laws may present hurdles to the cryptocurrency exchange’s plans to gain a legitimate foothold in Hong Kong, industry experts said.


The US Justice Department is seeking more than US$4 billion from Binance Holdings as part of a proposed resolution of a years-long investigation into the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

The HashKey Exchange app went live on Wednesday, making it Hong Kong’s first licensed exchange to offer retail trading of bitcoin and ether on mobile.


SBF was once on top of the world, using his money to buy celebrity clout in order to expand his now-defunct crypto exchange FTX – so who was involved?

Commissioner Louise Ho stops short of saying whether her agency, which oversees other money changers, will be tasked with regulatory review of cryptocurrency shops.

New York’s attorney general on Thursday filed a lawsuit accusing cryptocurrency firms Gemini and Genesis with fraud that wound up costing investors more than a billion dollars.

BC Technology has rejected a report that it is looking to sell OSL, one of two licensed Hong Kong crypto exchanges and the firm’s main revenue source.


Hongkongers’ attitudes towards virtual assets have soured following fallout from the implosion of JPEX, a survey found, highlighting the challenges the city faces in its efforts to embrace this volatile industry.

Binance has suspended access to its crypto exchange for new users in the UK, after a partnership with a third party to approve communications under new local rules was terminated by the country’s watchdog.

Getting licensed as a virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong can cost more than US$7 million, and finding success in the relatively small market is not guaranteed.


Readers discuss the challenges governments face in bringing cryptocurrency gains into the tax net, the financial costs of junk calls, a scheme to attract talent to the city, and the use of the Fanling golf course.

Futu Holdings, an online Chinese brokerage backed by Tencent, has warned that malicious sites are imitating its brand after three alleged domains were flagged by the city’s financial regulator.


Four exchanges are HKVAX, HKbitEX, Hong Kong BGE and Victory Fintech – all of which tout their commitment to operating in accordance with crypto regulations.

The SFC is walking back on its reluctance to publish the names of cryptocurrency platform applicants in the face of public backlash over JPEX’s debacle.


Readers discuss the flaws in the city’s cryptocurrency landscape that must be addressed, an opportunity to commemorate a legendary Colombian artist, and unsafe driving in the city

The sudden blow-up of crypto exchange JPEX may turn into Hong Kong’s largest ever financial fraud but many questions remain over the firm’s structure and backers.

The case is a major test of Hong Kong’s ability to balance investor protection with the city’s ambition to be a fintech hub, and to keep up with the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency.

Sources say ex-lawyer turned internet figure and YouTuber Chan Yee detained on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, with ‘about HK$1 billion’ involved.

Hong Kong and mainland China both fell one spot for 47th and 11th, respectively, as lower-middle-income countries like India and Vietnam show a greater appetite for crypto.


The Securities and Futures Commission said JPEX is misleading investors about being licenced in Hong Kong and accused the exchange of having ‘suspicious features’.

A Chinese court in Xiamen has argued that cryptocurrency is legally protected as property, despite Beijing’s policies that have cracked down on activities related to virtual assets.

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One of Hong Kong’s first licensed cryptocurrency exchanges has officially started accepting retail users, allowing them to trade bitcoin and ether directly with fiat currencies.