China's space programme i


China's space programme

The China National Space Administration was founded more than 25 years ago and is overseeing an ambitious programme which includes deep space exploration, a manned space station, and cutting-edge advancements in technology, new materials, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Editorial | China set to become the most committed spacefaring nation

Fresh from a record-setting mission, China has laid out a civilian space plan for the rest of the decade and beyond. It wants to develop its programme for peaceful purposes and allowing participation of private and foreign enterprises will help convince a sceptical West.

30 Apr 2022 - 10:00PM
Editorial | Dangers in space call for action by nations

Countries and companies need to clean up their act as hi-tech debris increasingly poses a risk to satellites, spacecraft and astronauts.

23 Feb 2022 - 1:20AM
Opinion | US and China will take their rivalry to the moon and back
23 Jan 2022 - 11:00AM
Outside In | US’ lack of space cooperation with China is one giant leap into danger
22 Jan 2022 - 4:52AM
Opinion | US-China row over Starlink satellites shows need for space cooperation
7 Jan 2022 - 4:59AM
Editorial | China lifts cooperation in space exploration

Beijing may see its space programme in terms of national prestige but it is only through cooperation such as its lunar research station being jointly built Russia that the full benefits of such huge investments will be realised

1 Jan 2022 - 11:32PM
Opinion | China’s reported hypersonic missile test not a ‘Sputnik moment’
21 Oct 2021 - 2:25AM
Editorial | China’s space mission is one giant leap for womankind

Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping is but one example of women ‘holding up half the sky’.