Commonwealth Gamesi

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth that is held every four years. In 2022 it is taking place in Birmingham, England.

  • In future, hosts will be able to feature sports that are relevant to their country, with swimming and athletics the only mandatory events
  • The 2026 Games, to be held in the Australian state of Victoria, will be spread over four hubs rather than centred on one city

Swimmer Emma McKeon became the most successful Commonwealth Games athlete of all-time on Sunday, leading an Australian sweep of the women’s 50 metre freestyle.


Canadian teenager Summer McIntosh blows away competition in Birmingham. Shakul Samed, a boxer from Ghana, becomes first suspended from event over doping.

Commonwealth Games silver medallist, also known as Zheng Ninali, hoping to meet Tokyo 2020 qualification benchmark and live her grandmother’s dream.