Hong Kong district council electioni

Hong Kong’s district council election was held on November 24, 2019. The opposition bloc won 392 out of 452 seats, while their pro-establishment rivals took the remaining 60.

  • City leader John Lee says Hong Kong to host ‘Election Fun Day’ and offer free entry to museums to convince voters to stick around day before poll
  • ‘With the large-scale events, we hope there will be more people in the city, so that they can stay in Hong Kong to vote,’ Lee adds

Constitutional affairs chief Erick Tsang also says authorities will not force civil servants to vote in first district council poll since overhaul of municipal bodies.

Readers discuss the ills of excessive air conditioning and lighting, local TV rehashing formulaic content, and feeling neglected in the government’s push to drum up voter enthusiasm.


Constitutional affairs chief Erick Tsang says list of appointees under revamped system likely to be announced days after poll, leaving no time to consider election contenders.

City leader John Lee says overhaul of municipal bodies will help the government better understand people’s needs, calls on civil servants to lead by example and vote.

Readers discuss the dismissal of Indonesia’s chief justice for conflict of interest, the lack of understanding in Middle East reporting, and why Hongkongers must get out to vote in the district council election.

Judicial review applicant Kwok Cheuk-kin argues the government has violated residents’ right to stand for election by requiring them to first receive nominations.

Opposition hopefuls say they have yet to win support from members, while pro-establishment parties say backing for nearly 170 representatives is strong as city gears up for first revamped district council poll.

City leader insists authorities will continue to relay queries from hopefuls to district-level committee members from which candidates must secure nominations.