Minute Repeater Tri-Axial Tourbillon by Girard Perregaux, which is equipped with a gong to sound delightful chimes and features two concave box-type sapphire crystals to showcase the 37.50 mm-diameter movement, reference GP09560-0001. Photo: Handout
Explainer | What is a minute repeater, and why do watch collectors go crazy for them?
  • Are minute repeaters the most complicated timepiece complication? Invented to chime the time at the push of a button, a typical Patek Phillipe mechanism today takes some 300 hours to make
  • Former LVMH head and industry giant Jean-Claude Biver famously contrasted the tourbillon and minute repeater as like ‘climbing the Matterhorn and climbing Mount Everest’
13 Apr 2022 - 4:00PM