PolyU – Celebrating 80 years of rich heritage

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Over the past 80 years, PolyU has grown from its humble beginnings as the Government Trade School founded in 1937 to become a widely recognized distinguished university that excels in professional education, research and far-reaching partnerships.

The Hon Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (front row eighth from left), Chief Executive of the HKSAR, together with Mr Chan Tze-ching (front row seventh from left), PolyU Council Chairman and Professor Timothy W. Tong (front row eighth from right), PolyU President and other guests officiated a glittering lighting ceremony at the PolyU 80th Celebration Dinner.

Eighty Years of Progress and Innovation of PolyU

[Sponsored Article] “Eighty years is both a long and a short time span.  It is about the lifetime of a person, and yet as an institution, PolyU's 80-year history – 23 years of which as a university – earns us a label of being a 'young university'", that was how PolyU Council Chairman Mr Chan Tze-ching put it at the University’s 80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.