With the Junglecat controller, the Razer Phone II is a cheaper Android gaming handset than the Asus ROG Phone 2, but it still costs more than a Nintendo Switch

As it unveils the Razer Viper Ultimate, we visited the company in Singapore to discover how the original Viper was designed

Min-Liang Tan is the founder of Razer, a company that makes gaming computers and peripherals and recently expanded into fintech for millennials. A lawyer by training, he’s considered one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in Singapore’s startup scene.

I'm not the only one excited by game streaming: The CEO of Razer, a company dedicated to making hardware and accessories for hardcore gamers, told me that he's really excited about how 5G will enable him to play any game on any device, no matter where he is. We spoke to Min-Liang Tan live on Twitch, so check out the story for much more -- including his take on Razer's tie-up with Tencent, and his favorite game of all time.