New leader of Britain's Conservative Party Rishi Sunak walks outside the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, in London. Photo: Reuters


Rishi Sunaki

Rishi Sunak was elected leader of Britain's Conservative Party on October 23, 2022, following the resignation of his predecessor, Liz Truss. He is the country's first prime minister of Asian heritage. Sunak had previously worked as Chancellor of the Exchequer from February 2020 to July 2022 under Boris Johnson. Sunak resigned, along with 61 other members of Johnson's government, after the then-PM became embroiled in a series of scandals. 

  • The Rwanda plan is at the centre of the government’s strategy to cut migration and is being watched closely by other countries considering similar policies
  • The UK’s Supreme Court last month ruled that such a move would violate international human rights laws enshrined in domestic legislation

Britain’s embattled Conservative government unveiled a raft of measures aimed at cracking down on record levels of regular migration, including raising the minimum salary threshold for a skilled worker visa.


The UK has sought an alternative after courts ruled Rwanda could not be a safe third country and migrants going there are at risk of being sent back to home nations.


The monarch wore the tie when he delivered a speech at the event as London is involved in a dispute with Athens over the sculptures displayed at the British Museum.

Readers discuss the multiple challenges facing Britain’s governing party, paying attention to teachers’ mental health, and the introduction of police patrols on Hong Kong buses.

Finance minister Jeremy Hunt announced a huge package of 110 measures aimed at reinvigorating the ailing economy and boosting business investment.

The new treaty, which would take at least three weeks to be approved by UK lawmakers, follows a Supreme Court ruling that the current deal between the countries should not go ahead.

The prime minister is attempting to resurrect a scheme to send asylum seekers to the East African country, a centrepiece of his government’s immigration plan.

A scathing letter to the prime minister could mark the start of Braverman’s campaign to release him if the Conservatives lose the next election.

Cameron’s six years as prime minister coincided with a remarkable thaw in Sino-British relations but times have changed, say geopolitics analysts.


During Cameron’s 2010 to 2016 administration there was a ‘golden era’ of UK-China cooperation, something PM Rishi Sunak described as ‘naive’ last year amid tensions with Beijing.

Despite its name, the annual address – the first by a British king since 1951 – is not written by the monarch but by the government, which uses it to detail laws it proposes to make.


China agreed to work with the US, EU and others to collectively manage the risk from artificial intelligence at a British summit aimed at charting a safe way forward for the rapidly evolving technology.

Over 25 nations at the world’s first AI safety conference signed a ‘Bletchley Declaration’, saying countries need to establish a common approach on oversight.


Representatives of AI companies and political leaders will meet at Bletchley Park in England next week. Sunak said China had been invited to the summit but attendance was not guaranteed.


Britain’s Rishi Sunak hits a leadership milestone this week. He’s got a mountain to climb to retain power in a general election expected next year.

The opposition Labour Party overturned huge Conservative majorities to win the parliamentary seats, boosting leader Keir Starmer’s hopes of becoming prime minister in a UK vote expected next year.

The British Prime Minister tells Tel Aviv’s leaders ‘we stand with you in solidarity’, while also saying Palestinians ‘are victims of Hamas’ and need aid.


The protester shouted “true democracy is citizen-led” and “politics needs an update” before scattering glitter over Keir Starmer’s head.


The HS2 railway was intended to slash journey times and increase capacity between London, the central England city of Birmingham and the northern cities of Manchester and Leeds.