Wang Chau housing sagai

A housing project in Wang Chau, a rural area of Yuen Long in the New Territories, drew public scrutiny in September 2016 after legislative councillor-elect Eddie Chu Hoi-dick made development reform a cornerstone of his winning campaign. Hong Kong's leader Leung Chun-ying later revealed he approved the construction of 4,000 public housing flats displacing three villages instead of simultaneously developing a larger site controlled by rural leaders that could yield 13,000 more flats.


Residents from three villages in the Yuen Long area have vowed to stay put after the government ignored their appeal to delay an eviction order amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Legislators single out consultancy Arup for blame, pointing to a previous violation by firm. Concern centres on new evaluation leading to income loss for workers, but government says drop is expected amid economic downturn.

There’s much more to lose than gain with the government’s decision to take back part of the Fanling golf club for a negligible number of public flats. But such shoddy decision-making is all too familiar.


The sites will accommodate public housing, a school and an integrated social welfare building as well as associated infrastructure works in the first phase of the controversial New Territories development project.

Company founded by the 20th century’s most admired engineer had a hand in iconic buildings the world over, including Hong Kong. It’s present-day dealings in the city, and elsewhere, would have Arup spinning in his grave