Vicente strikes HK

Typhoon Vicente was the second storm to shut down the city this year. It was strong enough for the Observatory to issue the No 10 hurricane signal for almost three hours early yesterday morning.

It was the first time that the No 10 signal was hoisted since Typhoon York in 1999.

At 5.40pm on Monday, the Observatory issued the No 8 signal. Getting home proved difficult for some people. Queues at rail and bus stations built up.

At Central and Admiralty MTR stations, some gates and escalators were closed for crowd control. At Prince Edward, some passengers said they had to let 10 trains go by before they were able to get on board.

The No 9 warning was raised at 11.20pm as Vicente edged closer to Hong Kong. It packed winds of 130km/h. The No 10 hurricane signal was issued at 12.45am before it was replaced by the No 8 Southeast storm signal at 3.35am.

Public transport services were gradually returning to normal yesterday morning after the Observatory issued the No 3 strong wind signal at 10.10am.

There have been 1,033 reported cases of fallen trees, and seven reports of flooding and landslides.

Airlines cancelled 60 flights, while 60 more were delayed, from midnight until 8am yesterday. Another 16 flights were diverted to other locations.

Some 266 residents were admitted to 24 temporary shelters opened by the Home Affairs Department.

More than 100 people were injured.