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Coronavirus: Tokyo on high alert as clusters emerge outside nightlife hotspots

Elsewhere in Asia, South Korea recorded 62 infections on Monday, including 43 imported cases.

13 Jul 2020 - 5:37PM
In age of coronavirus, big fat Indian weddings turn intimate

Indian weddings are ordinarily gala celebrations and community affairs, but social distancing and attendance limits have made lavish, over-the-top celebrations a thing of the past.

12 Jul 2020 - 9:15PM
India allows Kashmir pilgrimage to go ahead despite Covid-19 risks

Public health experts say there is still a risk of transmission, even though the authorities have limited the duration of visits to the Amarnath cave and the number of people allowed.

12 Jul 2020 - 9:15PM
Thailand’s US$641 million scheme to boost domestic tourism

With tourism accounting for 20 per cent of GDP last year, the ‘land of smiles’ is acutely feeling the lack of international arrivals. But Bangkok hopes subsidies for citizens will help.

10 Jul 2020 - 11:01PM
Eucalyptus necklace can ‘kill coronavirus’: Indonesian minister

An aromatherapy device can ‘kill’ up to 80 per cent of the virus, according to an Indonesian minister. But scientists are sceptical – and some Indonesians fear becoming a ‘laughing stock’.

10 Jul 2020 - 12:20PM
As Malaysia reopens, migrants return to the dangers of life in ‘3D’

Migrant workers, often employed in jobs labelled ‘dangerous, dirty and difficult’ are more vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19, watchdogs warn.

7 Jul 2020 - 11:28PM
Filipino children abandoned to internet sex abusers during Covid-19

While online sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines has soared since the outbreak began, lockdown has left shelters operating an unofficial policy of keeping their doors closed.

4 hours ago
Why are women leading the coronavirus fight, but still losing out?

From world leaders like Jacinda Ardern to humble villagers, women are at the front line of the fight against Covid-19. But they are also among those hit hardest – and the gender gap may be widening.

7 Jul 2020 - 6:35PM
Durian and beer combined to create healthy probiotic booze

Kriza Calumba is a food and science technology instructor from Davao, which is known as the ‘durian capital’ of the Philippines.

5 Jul 2020 - 9:02PM
Philippines’ overseas workers crisis: more than 700,000 could lose jobs

Manila is running out of money to repatriate overseas Filipino workers who have become displaced refugees due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and their numbers are set to grow.

5 Jul 2020 - 9:02PM
As China and India quarrel, stranded families get caught in between

As India bans WeChat and other Chinese apps, cross-national families fear being further cut off from their loved ones.

4 Jul 2020 - 8:34PM
Has the Philippines contained Covid-19? Cebu City suggests not

There were more than 5,500 Covid-19 cases there as of Monday, along with some 150 deaths.

3 Jul 2020 - 4:49AM
Covid-19 tests at 700 wet markets: West Java’s new normal

The Indonesian province of 50 million people has bucked a nationwide trend that has seen a surge in infections and is rolling out tests at traditional markets to keep it that way.

1 Jul 2020 - 9:30AM
Thailand looks to open borders to some foreigners, including medical tourists

The country’s medical tourism industry is ranked fourth in the world for value, and has attracted an increasing number of Chinese in recent years.

30 Jun 2020 - 8:29PM
Thailand’s lockdown has food-delivery sector licking its lips

Business boomed for the established firms while also creating irresistible incentives for new players – and the competition shows no sign of cooling.

30 Jun 2020 - 2:35PM
Japan’s hikikomori forcibly dragged and dropped back into society

Some Japanese parents are paying as much as US$65,000 for companies to forcibly reintegrate their reclusive children into society.

27 Jun 2020 - 8:34PM
Explainer | What is antibody treatment and how can it help in coronavirus fight?

At least five antibody treatments are now in the works, with most of them in Asian labs, including Singapore, Japan, South Korea and mainland China.

26 Jun 2020 - 11:40AM
Why has South Korea allowed adult ‘room salons’ to reopen?

The decision has attracted criticism given other businesses remain shut, and highlighted the unique status the venues occupy in the country’s patriarchal corporate culture.

25 Jun 2020 - 3:45PM
Mongolians credit Genghis Khan for country’s Covid-19 success

Mongolia has some 200 infections – all imported – and no one has died from the disease.

24 Jun 2020 - 5:26PM