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Wuhan virus: Asian countries weigh hit of restricting Chinese tourists

Malaysia says it is not yet time to consider deporting Chinese tourists, as the Philippines has done, while some Pacific nations have banned all travellers from or transiting through China

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Singapore expects Wuhan virus to hit economy, will screen all flights

The island nation says it is considering measures to support the tourism industry, including property tax rebates and a workers’ levy reduction, as it braces for more imported cases of the virus.

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Homeless in Seoul: why many struggle to leave the streets

Substance abuse and mental illness remain big obstacles, despite the city’s success in reducing homelessness by 20 per cent since 2014.

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Hong Kong firms, Chinese gambling hit by Duterte’s reclamation freeze

Experts say gaming operators could take their business out of Metro Manila, while litigation as a possibility for overseas firms committed to the project.

25 Jan 2020 - 8:41AM
Beyond the coronavirus: the deadly diseases Asia has beaten before

From Sars to Mers, swine flu to bird flu, the plague to the Hong Kong flu of 1968: here are the other times Asia has fought off deadly diseases.

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Chinese belt and road workers could spread coronavirus, Pakistanis fear

Pakistan has put hospitals and clinics on alert amid fears the thousands of workers who regularly travel between the countries could spread the disease.

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Wuhan virus: North Korea bans tourists as Asia braces for Lunar New Year rush

As Asia reacts to the virus’ spread, Australia warns anyone showing symptoms can be forced to go to hospital, while Singapore hospitals are on ‘outbreak response mode’.

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‘No Chinese allowed’: Japanese shop criticised for coronavirus sign

A tourism centre in Hakone has apologised to Chinese tourists after a shop owner barred their entry on the grounds they might spread the virus.

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Taal Volcano evacuees in ‘wait and see’ mode as frustrations mount

Residents of towns near Taal Volcano in the Philippines want life to return to normal, venting their frustrations against scientists for maintaining the Level 4 alert.

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Asian health officials fear Wuhan virus outbreak larger than China says

A surge in the number of people infected on the mainland from 41 to 291 this week amid confirmed cases in Japan, South Korea and Thailand has raised concerns over Beijing’s transparency.

22 Jan 2020 - 5:42PM