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Indian millennials escape big cities for small town lifestyles

Unlike previous generations, who did not have the luxury of choice, many younger Indians have decided overcrowded, polluted cities are not worth the hassle.

9 Aug 2020 - 9:05PM
Protesting Indonesian students threaten to deport Chinese workers

The students worry jobs at nickel smelter projects in Sulawesi are being taken away from locals, as the coronavirus pandemic increases unemployment.

6 Aug 2020 - 10:47PM
Cambodians cheer Thai ruling to allow lawsuit against sugar firm

A Bangkok court ruled that about 3,000 Cambodians could proceed with a class-action suit against Mitr Phol over land seized for sugar plantations.

6 Aug 2020 - 3:02PM
Why Korean films are #Alive and well amid Bollywood’s Covid-19 slump

‘Koreans can relate to zombie films. The notion of an outbreak … surviving on your own in isolation, these were things many could see themselves doing.’

5 Aug 2020 - 1:24PM
Japan’s ‘body-shaming’ manga adverts fuel online outrage

A slew of ‘harder hitting’ adverts playing on young people’s insecurities and self esteem have appeared on Japanese social media, prompting a backlash. Could that be what the advertisers wanted all along?

3 Aug 2020 - 9:02AM
How ongoing conflict in Kashmir has affected reproductive health

The recent coronavirus lockdown, the Modi government’s clampdown, and a poor health system have caused depression, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

1 Aug 2020 - 7:14PM
Japanese tourists hope to say ‘Aloha’ again after Hawaii listed as safe destination

Hawaii has reported 1,865 coronavirus cases and 26 casualties, the lowest numbers per capita of any US state.

2 Aug 2020 - 8:32PM
Britain told to balance ‘complacency and paranoia’ over Beijing

Viewing China as committed to a ‘zero-sum game towards world domination’ lacks historical understanding of its concerns, said the report on ‘resetting’ engagement by the British Foreign Policy Group.

31 Jul 2020 - 7:29PM