South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol at Seoul Air Base in Seongnam. Besides security, Yoon has intensified economic links with Washington. Photo: AP

Asian Angle | South Korea’s Yoon must convince voters that pivot to US won’t hurt economy

Yoon’s moment of political reckoning will arrive in April when South Koreans head to the polls.

1 Oct 2023 - 10:30AM
Saudi Arabia’s minister of energy, Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud, speaks at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday. Photo: AFP

Asian Angle | Saudi Arabia needs more nuclear safeguards to dispel alarmist fears

Saudi Arabia’s nuclear programme has sparked concerns but the kingdom is very far away from having the means to build atomic weapons.

30 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
A robot patrols a shopping and residential district in Singapore. In Asia, AI is everywhere. Photo: AFP

As I see it | Global AI ethics guide needed to enshrine rules of a ‘good corporate citizen’

Without some level of harmonisation, the world may be a long way off from a universally enshrined set of AI codes of conduct.

29 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Chinese President Xi Jinping shakes hands with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Hangzhou last week. Photo: EPA-EFE

Asian Angle | China’s outreach to Syria signals aim to be West’s counterweight in Middle East

The visit by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Hangzhou demonstrates that China wants to play a bigger role in the Middle East despite economic challenges.

27 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this month’s G20 summit. Photo: via AP

Asian Angle | Canada-India row over murdered Sikh complicates West’s bid to counter China

Delhi’s authoritarian tendencies, human rights stance and alleged interference in Ottawa’s internal affairs create barriers to an improved relationship with the West, while Beijing’s influence continues to grow.

23 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
A poster featuring Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is seeen next to Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan flags in Selangor ahead of last month’s state polls. Photo: Bloomberg

Asian Angle | Will political roadblocks keep Malaysia’s Anwar from pushing reforms?

Malaysia’s PM has to reignite his reform agenda quickly while communicating the economic benefits to Malays, amid a strong opposition that has fanned racial insecurity.

22 Sep 2023 - 2:33PM
Oil pumps in Russia. File photo: Reuters

As I see it | Asia must reduce oil dependency – but how to fund clean energy transition?

With oil prices rising, there is good reason – besides fossil fuel-induced climate change – for the import-heavy continent to slash oil consumption.

22 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Women in Pakistan, where there are no national statistics or government efforts to counter the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). Photo: AFP

Opinion | Can female genital mutilation ever end if the issue remains taboo to discuss?

Some, including in Pakistan and India, defend the dangerous practice – usually done to young girls – as a cultural right, or even deny it exists.

18 Sep 2023 - 9:17AM
US President Joe Biden attends a welcoming ceremony hosted by Vietnam’s Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in Hanoi on September 10. Photo: AFP

Opinion | How will Vietnam’s upgraded US partnership impact its ties with China, Russia?

Hanoi’s Communist leaders would not have agreed to meeting President Biden if not confident that Beijing would not punish Vietnam for doing so.

17 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Asean leaders at a summit in Jakarta earlier this month. Photo: AP

Asian Angle | Closer intra-Asean ties are vital to realise region’s growth potential

Asean can realise its long-term economic potential and hedge against external risks by forging closer ties within the grouping, writes Malaysia’s trade minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz.

16 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Lee Kuan Yew at the 17th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo in 2011. Photo: AFP

Asian Angle | In post-Lee Kuan Yew era, governance in Singapore must adapt to changing times

Some critics say the ruling party has lost its way, but today’s PAP is a logical extension of what it was already destined to become under Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership.

15 Sep 2023 - 1:34PM
Condominiums at Forest City. Photo: AFP

As I see it | Revival of Malaysia’s belt and road projects would give PM Anwar a boost

Renewed interest in Forest City also comes amid talk of reviving another Belt and Road Initiative project in Malaysia, the US$10 billion Melaka Gateway.

15 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Ukrainian tanks train in the Chernigiv region on September 8 amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photo: AFP

Opinion | Supporting Ukraine can help New Zealand counter Chinese clout in Indo-Pacific

Boosting support for defeating Russian expansionism will go some way towards bolstering a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific and advancing New Zealand’s interests.

14 Sep 2023 - 5:07AM
The seat reserved for Myanmar is left empty during the Asean summit in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 6. Photo: EPA-EFE

Asian Angle | Can Asean stay united and work with stakeholders to end Myanmar crisis?

The decisions reached on Myanmar at the recent Asean summit indicate greater cohesion among member states and not yielding to the junta’s demands.

13 Sep 2023 - 10:30AM
Supporters of Julian Assange demonstrate in Sydney, Australia, in May. Photo: Reuters