Allegations against South Korean athletes show rising awareness of sexual abuse

Experts say a flood of complaints shows attitudes are changing and hope this could be a catalyst for changing the country’s unhealthy ‘obsession’ with medals.

31 minutes ago
Pakistan’s women want sexual rights. Do its men feel threatened?

‘There is deep fear around women claiming the rights to their own bodies.’

2 hours ago
In Modi’s India, comedians can now be jailed for ‘intent’ to tell a joke

Munawar Faruqi spent 38 days behind bars earlier this year after a Hindu nationalist accused him of ‘intending’ to outrage religious sentiments. But the 28-year-old Muslim comedian is trying to see the funny side of it all.

7 Mar 2021 - 7:09PM
How Asia’s women have triumphed even in face of adversity

Throughout the past 12 months of trials and tribulations, Asia’s women have proved time and again that they can rise to the challenge.

7 Mar 2021 - 5:00PM
South Korean skating champion applies to be Chinese citizen for Beijing 2022

Lim Hyo-jun has been suspended from representing South Korea over a sexual harassment case. He has gone to China, where he hopes to get citizenship and compete in the 2022 Olympics.

7 Mar 2021 - 5:19PM
In South Asia, Covid-19 and poverty force girls as young as 8 into marriage

For desperate families, girls are sometimes seen as a financial burden from the moment they menstruate.

7 Mar 2021 - 10:41AM
Pandemic fuels forced marriage risk for girls in Hong Kong, Britain

‘It is very precious to marry a Hong Kong-Pakistani girl.’

2 hours ago
The Thai women breaking menstrual taboos to end period poverty

A new wave of Thai female entrepreneurs are taking on the big-name feminine hygiene brands with products that are more culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly.

7 Mar 2021 - 10:40AM
Trans Malaysian gets death threats, disappears after viral Facebook video

Video appears to show the entrepreneur Nur Sajat – who is already facing a sharia court charged with insulting Islam – renouncing her religion.

6 Mar 2021 - 1:19AM
Who is Japanese billionaire and SpaceX moon traveller Yusaku Maezawa?

Maezawa will be the first private passenger for SpaceX’s planned visit to the moon and he this week extended the invitation for eight strangers to join him.

1 hour ago
Indian fake degree scandal has hundreds questioning qualifications

Manav Bharti University in Himachal Pradesh sold 36,000 bogus degrees for as little as US$1,362 each, an Indian government agency investigation found.

3 Mar 2021 - 6:46PM
Nasa’s Swati Mohan and other Indian women breaking barriers in space exploration

The 38-year-old Mohan is among a group of Indian women who have found successful careers in space science, including Tessy Thomas, Ritu Karidhal Srivastava and Muthayya Vanitha.

27 Feb 2021 - 3:56PM
Myanmar: Gen Z protesters take on junta with inspiration from Hong Kong, Thailand

They might not remember life under junta rule, but the youngsters’ enthusiasm and invention have drawn support from older compatriots and international attention.

23 Feb 2021 - 10:57AM
How students in India’s Chinatown got hooked on lion dancing

James Liao, one of a dwindling number of ethnic Chinese who still call the Indian city home, has dedicated himself to preserving and passing on the traditional art form.

21 Feb 2021 - 7:58PM
India set to execute first woman since independence

Shabnam Ali and her lover were convicted and sentenced to death for killing seven members of her family in 2008. If the hanging in India’s Uttar Pradesh state goes ahead, it will be the country’s first execution of a woman since 1947.

19 Feb 2021 - 9:03PM
Korean or Chinese? Passions flare over poet Yun Dong-joo’s identity

Chinese-language descriptions of the late poet using the official term for ethnic Koreans living in China are a ‘historical distortion’, according to one Korean academic.

19 Feb 2021 - 9:37PM
Is the ‘most pro-China’ politician in Japan’s ruling LDP losing his shine?

There is growing unrest within the party to the No 2’s influence, along with resistance among the LDP’s conservative wing to his long-standing close ties to Beijing.

18 Feb 2021 - 8:18AM
North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s wife reappears after year-long absence

Ri Sol-ju has not been seen since January last year, stoking speculation over her health, a potential pregnancy, or marital conflicts with her husband.

17 Feb 2021 - 5:41PM
Japanese actress Ai Kayano sparks anger in China after Yasukuni Shrine visit

An academic says it is unlikely she was aware of the full significance of visiting the shrine, which commemorates millions of Japanese war dead, including convicted war criminals.

16 Feb 2021 - 5:04PM