A Japanese coastguard ship patrols close to a Chinese marine surveillance vessel, front, near the disputed Diaoyu Islands, which are called the Senkaku Islands in Japan. Photo: Kyodo News via Getty Images
Japanese ‘angry’ at Chinese maritime actions, want Tokyo to take firmer stance

A ministry survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents wanted Tokyo to talk tough on territorial issues, while some 57 per cent urged China to ‘respect human rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of law’.

6 hours ago
Abdul Somad (centre) is seen in Palembang, Indonesia. Photo: Instagram/@ustadzabdulsomad_official
Singapore’s PM Lee spammed on Facebook by banned Indonesian cleric’s fans

Abdul Somad, a preacher with 9 million social media followers, was denied entry into Singapore and said he was put in a ‘1 by 2 metre room, like an immigration jail’

19 May 2022 - 1:44AM
US YouTuber Emma Chamberlain at the 2022 Met Gala in New York on May 2. Photo: Reuters
US YouTuber’s necklace shines light on Indian royal jewels stashed abroad

The US YouTuber drew flak for wearing the Cartier-designed jewellery, which originally belonged to an Indian king, at the New York event’s red carpet.

15 May 2022 - 5:00PM
South Korean protesters hold placards reading “Abolish punishment for abortion” in 2018. File photo: AFP
Will US Roe v Wade saga affect Asia’s ‘progressive’ abortion laws?

While the landmark decision is at risk of being rolled back in the US, no such debates have roiled Asia, although a stigma persists in some places.

15 May 2022 - 1:30PM
A hawker prepares noodles at her shop in Singapore. Photo: Reuters
High wheat prices hit Asia’s street food favourites, from roti canai to ban mian

A looming global shortage of wheat amid the war in Ukraine has sent the cost of flour used in ‘ban mian’, ‘roti canai’ and other popular snacks shooting up, leaving vendors little choice but to pass on the increase to customers.

14 May 2022 - 10:30AM
Australians enjoy the Lunar New Year celebrations in Sydney’s Chinatown on January 29, 2022. Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
China-Australia tensions, racism fuelling Asian ‘reluctance’ to join politics

Asian-Australian candidates running for election in a country with less political diversity than Canada, Britain or New Zealand discuss the xenophobia they face and the issues that matter

15 May 2022 - 1:45PM
Disabled activists have been protesting in Seoul’s subways since December. Photo: David D. Lee
South Korea’s disabled community fights to be seen: ‘we are citizens, too’

Disability groups protesting on Seoul’s underground during peak morning commutes are continuing the struggle for recognition; early death, abuse and lack of access to essential services are some of the issues they face.

15 May 2022 - 2:40PM
A street food stall in Bangkok. File photo: LightRocket via Getty Images
Thai PM Prayuth faces test as ‘fed-up’ Bangkok residents set to elect governor

Pro-democracy politician Chadchart Sittipunt leads the race of over a dozen candidates, including Prayuth’s handpicked incumbent, in an election dominated by economic concerns and a longrunning city battle with street food vendors.

10 May 2022 - 7:30AM
Indonesian authorities burn illegal tiger skins in March 2022. Photo: Hafidz Trijatnika
‘Feared tiger hunter’ to bee farmer: Indonesian poacher’s change of heart

Former tiger killer now helps to convince other hunters to retrain, but Indonesia’s fight to protect wildlife remains a struggle as demand for skin and other animal parts persists.

9 May 2022 - 11:00AM
The virtual novel, “A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986”. Photo: Handout
How online games like The Sims and Coral Island are empowering LGBT folk

In a region where discrimination against the LGBT community persists, video games are emerging as a tool for therapy. Despite its positive impact, an expert warns that fetishisation, lack of representation, are still obstacles to overcome.

9 May 2022 - 6:44PM
Satoshi Uematsu was sentenced to death for the 2016 killings of 19 disabled people at a Japanese care home. File photo: AFP
Japan mass murderer’s bid to escape gallows revives death penalty debate

Satoshi Uematsu, who was sentenced to death in 2020 for killing 19 people at a care home for the mentally disabled in 2016, is seeking a retrial.

6 May 2022 - 12:00PM
Malaysian anti-government protesters take a selfie with a placard bearing the likeness of then Prime Minister Najib Razak during a 2016 rally. Photo: EPA
Time to walk for justice, say Malaysia’s lawyers, amid 1MDB judge probe backlash

Legal fraternity urged to rise up after ‘total disregard by certain quarters for the hallowed principle of the independence of the judiciary’, with rising anger over a probe into the judge who convicted ex-leader Najib Razak.

6 May 2022 - 7:47AM
Singapore Archbishop William Goh has “humbly” apologised after a male parishioner was jailed for sex acts with teenage boys. File photo: AFP
Singapore Catholic Church member jailed for sexual acts with teen boys

Archbishop William Goh apologises on behalf of the Church after a ‘prominent’ man in Singapore’s Catholic community pleads guilty to two charges and is jailed for five years.

5 May 2022 - 8:16PM
BTS on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on November 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: GC Images
Will South Korea change laws in time for BTS’ Jin to skip military enlistment?

A survey conducted last month found a majority of Koreans support an alternative to compulsory military service for BTS. Some opponents say it just highlights preferential treatment for the wealthy, powerful and connected.

5 May 2022 - 7:31PM
Decorations are seen hanging over a street in Singapore for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or Eid al-Fitr, celebrations, marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Photo: AFP
Singapore’s Muslims cheer first Eid without Covid curbing festivities

The city state’s mosques are once again bustling with worshippers as Eid al-Fitr celebrations return at full scale, after last month’s lifting of capacity limits and social-distancing curbs.

3 May 2022 - 7:10PM
The UN estimated that global food waste from households, retail establishments and the food service industry totalled 931 million tonnes in 2019. File photo: AFP
Indian scientist’s dumpster-diving past inspires his app to reduce food waste

As global food waste looks to exceed more than 2 billion tonnes by 2030, technology such as Nosh identifies food wasted at each stage of the supply chain to save still-good items from the bin.

2 May 2022 - 12:00PM
Bechan Baba has been tending to the shrine in Banaras since he was a boy. Photo: Ravi Tripathi
In India, Hindu caretaker of a mosque says: ‘It’s one God for everyone’

Bechan Baba, 70, has for the past six decades been tending to a mosque in Varanasi, where Hindus and Muslims believe in living with harmony.

1 May 2022 - 2:43PM
Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on March 27. Photo: Reuters
Will Smith’s relationship with globetrotting yoga guru sets India talking

The 64-year-old yoga guru visited the Hollywood star at his home during his 2020 US tour, but was not in India to receive him when Smith arrived.

1 May 2022 - 10:01PM
According to the 2010 national census, Muslims make up over 87 per cent of Indonesia’s population. File photo: Reuters
In Indonesia, mass Muslim prayers are causing angst for minority faiths

People are increasingly gathering to recite Islamic verses across Indonesia, sparking a debate on whether these gatherings bode well for inclusion and harmony.

30 Apr 2022 - 3:57PM
Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Tony Radakin pictured paying homage to India’s armed forces during his time in New Delhi this month. Photo: Instagram / @ukinindia
British defence chief warns China not to ‘transgress’ international rules

The uniformed head of Britain’s armed forces made the remarks at a geopolitics conference in India, where a senior South Korean general also revealed that Seoul was considering joining the US-led Aukus alliance and Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.

27 Apr 2022 - 1:52PM