Yau Wai-ching voters:

Banky Yeung Ping-Kei, theatre worker

“I was not expecting smart moves from Youngspiration so what they did in the oath-taking process was not surprising. I voted for them because they have no political experience and are not sophisticated with their words. I still believe only people like this can challenge the stuck and static situation in Hong Kong.”

Maisie Wong, 19, year two social sciences student

“The outcome of them being disqualified is actually a positive one. Hongkongers are always selfish in fighting for their political views, there needs to be someone who is willing to sacrifice in order to show the rest of the society how ridiculous Beijing is in interpreting the Basic Law.”

Lau Ka-po, 27, aviation industry worker

“I feel like Yau was the only hope I could choose in my constituency and I was looking forward to a breakthrough in the Legco. I was really hoping to see what she could do.”

Sixtus Baggio Leung voters:

Erato Ng, 29, a public relations officer

“I didn’t expect them to use foul language or display a banner after all the hard effort in getting into the Legco. I really hoped they could do something against the government. I am mostly disappointed with their rather poor ways of expression . I was looking for something more intelligent and sophisticated. They didn’t handle the emotion of the public and have made more middle-of-the-road people not support them.”

Chow Tin-chi, 27, pro-independence scriptwriter

“From the time they were elected to their taking of the oath, the idea of independence has gone widespread and the publicity was effective. It showed the weakness of Legco and how Beijing can easily kick out people they don’t like.”

Cathy Kau, 27, editor at a book publisher

“I fear that the consequence of them being ruled out of a formal system will mean more violence and more protests on the streets in the future. The government needs to be responsible for a more messy society because they did not allow a legitimate voice to enter the institution.”