Proactive learning - leadership training and internships - helps you find direction in life

By Lydia Chan Hiu-wa, Year 4, BBA, Department of Accountancy, City University of Hong Kong

Award-winning CityU student says overseas tours, internships helped shape her goals and career

By Lydia Chan Hiu-wa, Year 4, BBA, Department of Accountancy, City University of Hong Kong |

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After sitting the HKDSE exam, I felt like many other secondary school students: nervous and curious about university life. Now I am grateful for receiving a bachelor’s degree from City University of Hong Kong and that I can enhance my business knowledge.

I am honoured to be a member of both the Young Scholars Programme and the Accounting Scholars Programme. They are run by the College of Business and the Department of Accountancy at City University, respectively, and gave me a chance to go on study tours to Seoul and Shanghai.

The visits enabled the participants to interact with students in those two cities and learn about different cultures. We also received training that helped enhance our personal development and awareness about social issues.

We attended a wine-tasting workshop and a leadership training programme. We were assigned internal mentors (professors at CityU) and external mentors (industry professionals). They were our role models and best friends. They not only cared about our academic success, they also helped us overcome our weaknesses and become more well-rounded individuals.

I also took part in two internships offered by the Department of Accountancy at the Inland Revenue Department, and BDO Limited (HK), a leading accountancy firm. They provided opportunities for me to learn about the real world, and shape my future career and goals.

I love to take the initiative and am highly motivated. I think these attributes helped me win two prestigious prizes – Outstanding Intern of the Year Award and Best Intern Scholarship Award. These awards have inspired me to work harder towards achieving my goals. We should all be proactive and treasure every opportunity. This is the key to success.

I hope my experiences will inspire you to find your own path to success. It’s time to start chasing your dreams.