London International Youth Science Forum - Day 11


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Youni Nip

Yesterday was the lecture on heart problems given by Professor Tom Ingram, who is a former LIYSF participant. The lack of movement caused by the use of computers poses a great threat to heart disease. More and more young people are suffering heart diseases today due to inactivity. At the end of the lecture, I asked whether food claims made to reduce cholesterol actually works. I found out it does work, but only by stopping absorption. This concludes to the importance of actually maintaining a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late.

After lunch, we had some free time until we visited the designated museums. Unfortunately, Godwin and I have already visited the museums on the day of our arrival so we spent two hours after lunch finishing off some interesting exhibits. The natural history museum in London is a must go. Whether you are a scientist or someone who doesn’t know about science, the exhibits are absolutely stunning. We then spent the rest of the day walking by the river Thames with our newly made Japanese friend. We had plans on visiting the globe theatre. Unfortunately, unlike Hong Kong, things close early here and when we got there it was closed.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Hampton Court and Windsor. Looking forward to taking more photos and learning new things!

Godwin Law

We began the day with another superb lecture today. It was given by two professors, one who teaches physics at University College London and another who works at the National Physics Laboratory. The subject they spoke on was color. “Color is Fun!” they claimed. They gave us many demonstrations that revealed the mystical and fascinating nature of color. In the lecture, they stressed that color is more than just a physical property, but has everything to do with our minds, and the unique way we perceive certain things. They went on to show that even with varying intensity of light we may also get varying colors. Even the color white has more than one shade. In fact, it could be said it has an infinite amount of shades. Also, the color green may not hold the same meaning in every body’s eyes, as our brains each react to the wavelengths in a particular way.

Overall, the lecture was extremely well delivered, and taught me a great deal about colors. But more than just being intellectually gratifying, it also greatly opened my mind. I realized that my view of the world is really particular and unique to my own, which enabled me to see everything under a different light.