Ivey Asia Summer Business Program 2012 - Talise Tsai

Talise Tsai
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Discussion with my wonderful, productive, awesome teammates. I am on the far right!
I’ve heard so much about the highly reputable Ivey’s Case Study teaching method. Now I’ve experienced it first-hand! Though the workload is intense, it is distinctly different from what we are used to and is unexpectedly fun! In just 3 days, we've learned to prepare three different types of financial statements: the Statement of Earnings, the Statement of Retained Earnings, and the Balance Sheet. We’ve practiced how to apply these numbers to find out how a company is doing financially, and to evaluate its growth, profitability, liquidity, etc. It was all done by reviewing real business cases.

Our teachers were extremely enthusiastic and engaging, I laughed more in the first fifteen minutes in class than I did in the entire first week of my school. Not only was their fervor a splendid form of entertainment, it also helped to increase our level of interaction. Their passion for what they teach has surely turned a classroom of shy, awkward students into one full of laughter, eagerness, and active discussion.

A distinguishing feature of the summer course is that we get two hours every day to prepare for our case studies for the following day. I was amazed by how determined and concentrated everybody was. The last thing you would expect to see are groups of teenagers being so quiet and on-task for two hours straight, which just shows how effective the course has been in capturing our attention. I’m excited to see how the rest of the course goes!

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