Champion: Green Living: The only way to save the world

By Fung Chiu Wah, Sing Yin Secondary School

As people and corporations become more environmentally aware, Sino Group has made efforts to become more green in concrete Hong Kong

By Fung Chiu Wah, Sing Yin Secondary School |

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Frequent and intense natural hazards have increased public awareness about environmental degradation. To preserve the environment, companies and individuals both have the responsibility to promote green living. By implementing effective, environmentally friendly measures, the Sino Group has successfully shown us the way to live greener in our concrete jungle. 

Last year, Hong Kong Gold Coast, managed by the Sino Group, launched a scheme called "Hong Kong Gold Coast Green Journey". Green facilities have been set up in the hotel and its area, including the first upcycling-themed room in Hong Kong, and the Gold Coast Farm, an organic farm. 

"There is only one way to go forward, which is by being green. Everyone in the world is responsible for living a green life,” said Mr. Peter Pfister, General Manager of Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. He added that the participation of corporations was not enough and that every individual should adopt a green lifestyle.

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"Think about what you buy every day. Not buying something we don't need helps protect the environment too,” he said.

Nowadays, technology can help protect the environment as well. At the Hong Kong Gold Coast hotel, the ORCA recycling machine efficiently reduces the amount of food waste disposed by digesting it, helping to decrease the amount dumped into landfills.

Pfister believes that going green is not just for us, but for future generations. 

"Going green is the only option to save the world.” 

Solar panels installed on the roof help produce more energy for the building.
Photo: Fung Chiu Wah

Any real impact in the world can start small, he said. “For example, we can use metal straws instead of plastic straws. We can bring our own bags when we go shopping."

“We’ve taken action to reduce the use of plastic bottles in the hotel by encouraging our guests to use our water dispensers,” he added.

Apart from Hong Kong Gold Coast, Sino Skyline Tower is another example of how Sino Group promotes environmental conservation. The rooftop of the commercial  building is the base for the "Mission Green Top" scheme. In the past ten years, Sino Group has collaborated with Hong Chi Association to create a relaxing and comfortable green area on the rooftop. An urban farm is set up in the open space and tenants of the building can purchase the produce, all with the aim to help the livelihood of the underprivileged. The "Mission Green Top" scheme benefits society and elevates the work environment to a greener level.

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On the rooftop, there are a large number of solar panels - one of the cleanest ways to produce electricity. The green lawn also helps lower the temperature of the building, and eventually, energy consumption in the office. The building illustrates an excellent example of how corporations can promote green living in the city. 

"Live with your heart and live by your beliefs, and you will make a big difference," said Pfister.