10 Instagram secret filter games to play right now, from Pac-Man to football


Break the ice with friends and family at Chinese New Year gatherings with these wacky IG face filter games like 'Donkey King' and '6 Seconds'

Nicola Chan |

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Try these fun Instagram face filters with your family and friends.

Red packets. Loads of sweets. Happy vibes. Many Hongkongers would agree Lunar New Year is one of their favourite festivals, but visiting relatives you’re not close to can sometimes get quite awkward too. 

But Young Post’s got your back! As games and quizzes are the best way to connect people, we’ve gathered 10 cool instagram filters for you to try out with your family members - young or old!    

6 SECONDS by @yana.mishkinis

This short, fun game shows how good you are at counting seconds in your head. Tap the screen to activate the AR stopwatch (which should appear above your head), then aim to stop it at exactly six seconds. Battle with your family and friends to see which of you has the fastest reaction time!  

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MAGIC8BALL by @yana.mishkinis 

Have a problem that you’re stressing about? Need advice? Ask the fortune-telling magic 8 ball a close-ended question. Whether you keep it to yourself or think out loud, tap and the black sphere will give you an (arbitrary) answer to calm your nerves. 

Paca-paca by @yana.mishkinis 

The classic Pac-man has returned, except this time you’ll have to control it with your head movements! Don’t forget to pick a speed - rabbit (fast), tortoise (medium), or snail (slow) - before you start the game!  

I WILL BE by @yana.mishkinis 

Desperate to know how your 2020 might unfold? According to this IN 2020 I WILL BE quiz, you might be SMILING, DEAD, LUCKY, A LOSER or… Find it out yourself!  

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Soccer Head by @wowfilterscom

Juggling an AR football with your head is no less tricky than balancing one in real life, and Soccer Head is proof! But worry not, you can hone your skills - with Practice mode - and  keep track of your performance - with Standard / Standard (Colour) mode - before you show off and film yourself with Simulation mode! Remember to turn your volume on before the game starts so you can hear the countdown and know when the game starts. 

WHICH ANIMAL? by @wowfilterscom

Not sure which animal can reflect your personality best? Perhaps WHICH ANIMAL can give you a clue. For first timers planning to do it for the gram, remember to wait a little before you react: The first animal revealed to you is NOT your final result! 



NEXT VACATION by @petraxiv

From real, exotic travel destinations to silly, off-putting spots, Next vacation could be inspiration for indecisive travellers with wanderlust, or a funny prank for you or your friends.

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Motogame by @sangexd

If you’re adventurous but not brave enough to drive a real motorbike, play Motogame! Running at a relatively high speed, the virtual motorbike can be difficult to handle with head moves  - especially when you have to avoid crashing into all the road obstacles and cars. 

Donkey King AR by @lenatemnikovaofficial 

Help Donkey King collect all the fruit he needs! This colourful, head motion tracking Catch the Fruit Game can be tricky though, as the size of the basket is quite small.    

Faceout Game by @dannyfrenzreb 

Need to kill some time and feeling competitive? Challenge your family and friends with this AR Brick Breaker to see who’s better at smashing bricks with their face...movements!