Champion fundraiser for Unicef's work on HIV/Aids still just as passionate after 9 years

With the passion and enthusiasm of Lothair Ling's colleagues and friends, they have raised HK$2.5 million in the past 9 years.


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With the passion and enthusiasm of the colleagues and friends of Mr Lothair Ling, they have altogether raised HK$2.5 million for UNICEF in the past 9 years.

Time flies, and the 10th anniversary of Unicef's Charity Run is fast approaching. This event is particularly important for me. Before participating in the run for the first time 10 years ago, I struggled to finish a 10km race, so I will be thrilled if I manage to finish on Sunday. I joined the first Unicef Charity Run to challenge myself to take part in a 15km race. And I did it. Without the Unicef Charity Run, I would not gone on to take part in the various marathons around the world that I have done.

After signing up for the event, I realised that the proceeds from Unicef’s Charity Run will be used to help Unicef’s work against HIV/Aids across the world, especially the prevention of mother-to-child transmission. Stopping children from getting HIV from their infected mothers is the first milestone for ensuring they live a healthy life. My friends and colleagues also realise how important this cause is, and with their support, we raised HK$155,000 in one year alone.

Since then, fundraising for Unicef has become a tradition for our company. Every year, my colleagues are always asking me for details on how they can help long before I have started promoting it. Some colleagues even join me in running for Unicef. With the passion and enthusiasm of my colleagues and friends, we have raised HK$2.5 million in the past nine years.

I was asked to share some “tips” on donation appeal, but I don’t think money is the most important part. Rather than asking someone to donate HK$1 million, I would rather one million people donated HK$1. To help Unicef achieve their goals, we need to raise awareness of the issues, and encourage as much global support as possible. Every runner is a messenger. Other than asking my colleagues to donate, I also send emails and share Charity Run news on my Facebook to encourage more friends to support Unicef’s work on HIV/Aids.

Even though a marathon is a long way to run, I feel really satisfied when I march closer to the finishing line step by step. That’s the same with the Aids to Zero programme. Eliminating Aids seems like an impossible dream, but we are making progress every day through Unicef’s work on HIV/Aids worldwide.

I was the only one from my office to take part in the Charity Run in that first year. But now, I have more than 20 colleagues joining me.

To find out more about Unicef’s Aids to Zero campaign and how you can donate, please visit