My mum's so nosy! Help!

By Ask Alex

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Dear Alex

Help! My mum is driving me crazy! She picks me up from school, and the moment I get into the car, she's on me like a tiger: "How was your day?" and "What happened at school?" and "Did you get into trouble?" It seems like it will never end.

It gets so bad that I pretend to be asleep just to avoid answering her. Then, of course, she ends up scolding me. She's like a policeman demanding answers all day, every day. What do I do?

Only son


Dear Only son,

After a long day of schoolwork, all you want to do is relax and chill, right? Totally understandable.

At the same time, your mum wants to be involved in your life, which is also natural, and as she's not at school with you, she will ask questions.

You and your mum have different needs, so a compromise is best. Take a light-hearted, compassionate approach to her interrogation: be prepared with all the news she wants to hear ("I aced my English test, I've got hockey practice on Thursday, and I need some moolah for the cake sale fundraiser tomorrow").

Then immediately ask about her day: who did she see, what did she do and does she have some of that awesome chocolate cake she baked yesterday?

This clever approach will satisfy Mum and give you peace. Sorted!

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