Top 10 places in Hong Kong to take an insanely beautiful photo - #nofilterneeded!

By YP cadet Katniss Tsang

Forget the peak, we’ve got much cooler places for you to hit

By YP cadet Katniss Tsang |

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Choi Hung Estate is, indeed, colourful as a rainbow.

1. Choi Hung estate

The unique design of Choi Hung Estate was awarded silver by the Hong Kong Association of Architects 1965. “Choi Hung” means rainbow in Chinese. The building has been painted eight different colours. The charming pattern can surely attracts viewers’ eyes.

Best place to take a photo: the basketball courts on the roof of the car park.

2. Sai Wan swimming shed

Photo: YP cadet Katniss Tsang

The shed is at the western edge of Hong Kong Island. It takes about 20 minutes to walk here from Instagram Pier. It was built as a swimming pool in the 1950s. But today, this place attracts more photographers than swimmers.

Best places to take a photo:
1. On the shed, facing the sulphur channel.
2. From above, next to the changing room.


3. Oi Man estate

Things you discover when you look up...
Photo: YP cadet Katniss Tsang

Old housing estates are a popular subject for Hong Kong photographers. This estate is on Chung Hau Street and Hau Man Street in Ho Man Tin. The most iconic blocks are the ones with a hollow centre, and photos taken looking up or down from inside this hollow square are equally impressive. Photos taken from this location have a sense of depth and dimension.

Best angle for a photo: looking up from the courtyard.

4. Nam Shan estate

Nam Shan Estate takes you on a journey to the past.
Photo: Kathy Lam

This is another old public housing estate in Shek Kip Mei. The wet market is popular for photographers wanting to capture what Hong Kong was like 30 years ago. There is a big children’s playground just above the wet market, surrounded by buildings on three sides. The space creates a sense of solidarity and peacefulness. This is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic photo spots.

Best place to take a photo: Nam Lok House children’s playground.

5. Instagram pier

Stroll on the "mirror of the sky".
Photo: Michelle Chan

A cargo loading area doesn’t sound like a great photo spot, but Western District Public Cargo Working Area in Sai Wan is one of the best. Although it’s not technically a public space, if you go when it’s safe (when they aren’t unloading cargo), you can get panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. This is the spot where people get what are known as “mirror of the sky” images. After rainfall, the layer of water on the ground makes for some beautiful, reflective shots of the sky.

Best place to take a photo: The lamp post with a black and yellow base.

Best time to go: Just after sunset.

6. Time tunnel

It almost feels like a set from the sci-fi movie, doesn't it?
Photo: YP cadet Kathy Lam

The leafy tunnel of love in Ukraine is world famous. But not many people know Hong Kong has a photographic tunnel, too. It is a pedestrian subway tunnel connecting Tai Kei Leng Village and the centre of Yuen Long. The tunnel walls are painted green and the ceiling is yellow. The tunnel has both dim and bright lighting, creating a mysterious environment.

Best angle for a photo: from the entrance of the tunnel. If you take the photo right in the centre of the entrance you can get a cool symmetrical shot.

7. Doing Nothing Garden

Doing Nothing Garden is strangely calming.
Photo: Stephanie Pong

This was a project by Beijing artist Song Dong for Oi! in North Point. Oi! is a platform for young artists to exchange their ideas. Song built a potted landscape with rubble from the community, raising a question: can doing nothing create something? The project ends on August 31.

Best angle for a photo: from the neon light quote behind the potted landscape.

8. Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden embodies serenity.
Photo: YP cadet Katniss Tsang

This public park in Diamond Hill was designed and built in the ancient Tang style. Elegant wooden architecture and natural landscapes illustrate an antique Chinese classical style. The park is open daily from 7am to 9pm.

Best place to take a photo: from the Sakyamuni Buddha.

9. Kwun Tong promenade

Kwun Tong Promenade is also a hot spot for live performances.

The promenade runs along the waterfront in Kwun Tong. It has special lighting and sound effects, and the surrounding landmarks are covered in mist in the evening. Unlike other promenades, this promenade is also an active performance space. Dance, singing and other groups regularly perform here.

Best angle for a photo: facing towards the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

10. Streets in Sham Shui Po

HKwalls is Hong Kong’s annual street art festival. Street artists gathered together to make Sham Shui Po’s Graffiti Walls of Fame. People who are dedicated to street art should take a walking tour there.

Best angle for a photo: Nam Cheong Street