How to wash your hands properly - your best defence against the flu

Karly Cox |

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With the flu spreading throughout Hong Kong, we thought everyone could use a reminder on how to wash your hands properly.

Hands are the main way disease-carrying germs are spread. You should wash your hands every time after you go to the toilet, and definitely before you eat - but you should really aim to wash your hands several times throughout the day. Otherwise, you risk catching or spreading things like tummy bugs, pneumonia and flu, and skin and eye infections.

You’d think everyone knows how to wash their hands, but there are ways to ensure you’re doing the best possible job. Unicef Hong Kong shared this helpful poster for Global Handwashing Day, which is in October, but it explains how to make sure your hands are really clean, and is perfect to share at this time of year.

Wet: Use just enough water to wet your hands, then use your elbow to turn the tap off if it’s not automatic.

Lather: Squirt liquid soap, or rub a bar of soap, and lather it up. Then rub the soap all over your hands, in the order shown in steps 1 to 7. This should take at least 20 seconds.

Rinse: Use your elbow to turn the tap on, if necessary, then rinse well with running water. Turn the tap off with your elbow, and dry your hands with a clean towel.