Here's where to donate all your stuff after your annual Chinese New Year spring cleaning

Having a Lunar New Year clear-out? Here’s the greener, kinder way to do it

Nicola Chan |

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According to Chinese tradition and a Cantonese saying, everyone should be rolling up their sleeves and having a good spring clean tomorrow – three days before the Lunar New Year. It’s believed that people will be more likely to receive good luck in the coming year if they first sweep away the bad vibes.

To help you with your efforts, here are five charity organisations where you can donate your old belongings.

Caritas Community Centre

Caritas, the official social service agency of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, provides education, elderly, medical, rehabilitation, and youth and community services. Their headquarters in the Mid-Levels accepts all wearable clothing, books and toys in clean condition. You can make a contribution by dropping off your items at their community centre on Caine Road.

Where: 2/F, Caritas House, 2-8 Caine Road

Contact: 2524-2071

Christian Action

Christian Action works to help refugees, ethnic minorities, foreign domestic helpers, underprivileged children and cross-border immigrants. It has launched the Green Collection programme to promote recycling and distribute essential items to the disadvantaged.

You can donate undamaged clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, books, toys, and small household and electrical appliances that are still in working order to them by arranging a pick-up service available from Monday to Saturday.

Contact: 2456-2220

More information:

Friends of the Earth

The environmental organisation Friends of the Earth runs a used clothes recycling programme, with public collection points where you can drop your clean clothes, shoes, bags, or towels. If you have many items to give away, split them into small bundles, or contact FoE for possible door-to-door collection services.

Donated clothes will go to charities or people in need, or will be sold to fund environmental education and conservation.

Where: Public collection points across Hong Kong

More information:

Hong Kong Salvation Army

This Christian charity provides social and educational services, as well as emergency relief. Their recycling programme accepts donations of new or used clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Stationery, toys, books, and working computers, monitors, and home electrical appliances are also welcome, in addition to CDs and DVDs and software with copyright.

To donate, visit any of their Family Stores, or use the recycling bins found across the city. If you are have five or more large bags to donate, send them to one of the charity’s four collection centres, or contact their recycling hotline to arrange pick-up services.

Your items will either be sold in Family Stores or delivered to people in need including street sleepers and home-alone elderly. Proceeds from the sales will be used to support community programmes.

Where: Salvation Army Family Stores and recycling bins across the city

More information:

St James’ Settlement

The organisation offers multiple services for children and youth, families, the elderly, and rehabilitation. They also run projects such as food banks for the elderly, and Green Little and Green Ladies, which sell second-hand clothing. They accept unopened and unexpired canned or dry food, as well as clean female clothing that might be sold to raise funds for projects. Food collection points are available across the city, and clothes can be sent to Green Ladies branches in Wan Chai and Sai Ying Pun. If you have both, send them to the charity’s headquarters at Stone Nullah Lane in Wan Chai.

Where: Food Collection Points across the city; Green Ladies branches in Wan Chai and Sai Ying Pun; or St James’ Settlement, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai

Tel: 2574-5201

More information:

For more information about recycling in Hong Kong: visit

Edited by Charlotte Ames- Ettridge