5 Mother's Day gift ideas to make your mum feel special that she'll love

If you're having trouble finding a gift for your mum, don't worry, we've got your back

Nicola Chan |

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This year, Mother’s Day is on May 13, which means it’s less than two weeks away. Our mums put up with an awful lot from us, and they love us all the same – so one day a year where we let them know how much we appreciate them is the least we can do. If, however, you don’t yet know what to buy or do for your mum, we have a few suggestions.

Feeling flowery

Who could say no to a bunch of colourful and cheerful flowers? If you’re not sure what colours to or what type of flowers to go for, then red and pink carnations are probably a good bet. Roses are also great, as they symbolise admiration, joy, love, and gratitude. Mix and match them with asters, which symbolises daintiness, elegance, love, and patience. Alternatively, buy a big bunch of sunflowers to show her how much you adore her.

A perfect picture

One of the most personal and original things you could possibly get your mum is a painting created by you. There are plenty of art studios across Hong Kong where you can work on your portraits in peace, and where there’s no danger of your parents stumbling across your half-finished piece. It doesn’t have to be perfect – your mum will be touched by the thought and care you put into it, not if it’s art gallery worthy.

A book of love

If you’re not feeling arty enough to actually paint, then spend an afternoon or two printing out some photos and make a photo book instead. You mum will love flipping through the pages and seeing where or what the two of you have been or have done over the years. Make it all the more personal by adding captions of your own to the photos. Some companies out there, like Chatbooks, will even make the photo book and ship it to you, as long as you have all the photos you need on your computer or online.

These shoes are made for walking

If you know your mum’s shoe size, then buy her a pair of shoes or slippers! We do a lot of standing around on our feet, and mums probably do more of that than you do if you’re in class. That’s why a comfy pair of shoes for your mum when she’s out and about, or a pair of fluffy slippers for her when she’s inside the house, are a great Mother’s Day gift. Make sure you know your mum’s shoe size before you head out to a shopping centre, though!

A pamper basket

Make it easy for you mum to have a little “me” time by making her a pamper basket. Buy a bunch of sheet masks, some nail polish, a few lovely-smelling hand creams, and a couple of scented candles, and put them all in a basket. For extra brownie points, make your own beauty products out of ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and honey – but make sure you know what your mum is and isn’t allergic to first.

Edited by Ginny Wong