7 ways to cool off and beat the heat in the crazy hot weather in Hong Kong

  • With the HKO issuing the “very hot weather warning” regularly, you need these 7 tips to stay cool during the sweltering summer heat
  • A portable fan and some loose clothes are your new best friends
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That's certainly one way to stay cool.

The summer months in Hong Kong can be torturous: relentless heat, the scorching sun and on top of that, throw in humidity of up to 90 per cent.

While many think that the summer months serve up an opportunity to hit the beach and top up our tans, it is also a leading cause of sickness due to heatstroke and sunburn.

With the Hong Kong Observatory issuing the “very hot weather warning” regularly, risk of heatstroke is high. Here are 7 tips to remain hydrated and cool during the sweltering summer months.

How to eat your way to a cool HK summer

Plenty of iced drinks

Your morning commute to school will not be made better by a hot cup of tea or coffee. Instead, opt for an iced lemon tea or a cold bubble tea.

Choose your clothing wisely

One of the first things I learned in my physics class was that the colour black absorbs heat, while lighter colours reflect heat. So it only makes sense that your summer wardrobe should consist of light pastel shades. Also, try to choose fabrics that breathe to keep you cool and comfortable during the day.

Invest in a portable electric fan

A portable fan is almost a must. Bunny ears are optional. Photo: KY Cheng

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sweat dripping down your face as you’re waiting for a bus or taxi, while standing in the hot Hong Kong sun. One of those portable fans, however, makes the wait so much more bearable, especially when it’s rush hour!

Eat fresh and healthy food

Avoid the Chinese hot pot and noodle soup. Instead, try something refreshing, light and healthy. Lighter meals are easier on the body, which is already in a state of panic trying to keep you cool. Fresh fruits and salads will also help you stay hydrated.

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Use a cooling gel pad

If you’re going to be running around or heading out all day, it’s a good idea to take a cooling gel pad with you. Although designed for patients with a high fever, these are a staple for many during the HK summers. You can stick it anywhere on your body and it stays cool for up to 4 hours.

Lots of Pocari and Gatorade

Dehydration is a big reason why many fall sick in the summer. It may not sound like a big deal, but it can be fatal if you’re not careful. If you feel like you’re parched, haven’t been drinking enough water, or are just very light-headed and dizzy, it’s a good idea to drink Pocari Sweat or Gatorade. These are full of electrolytes and will rehydrate you better than water.

Go ice-skating!

Hong Kong has five skating rinks so far, all located in large shopping malls. Photo: Xinhua

If you can’t stand the thought of doing anything outdoors during the summer, you can always go ice skating to reminisce about the days when HK felt like Arendelle. There are plenty of places that offer ice skating in Hong Kong, and most are connected by the MTR (which is air-conditioned)!

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