Valentine’s Day gifts that no one really wants

Roses are red, violets are blue, the worst Valentine’s gifts, from YP to you

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It has to be that single, individually wrapped strawberry from City Super. Not only is it ridiculously expensive, it’s also wrapped in about 10 times the amount of plastic it needs to be. Plus, you can’t even share it, which everyone knows is the main reason to buy anyone a gift. Stick to a box of chocolates instead. Or, if you want to avoid the clichéd gifts, invest in bananas instead. For HK$168, they’ll have a banana every day for the next 84 days!

Lucy Christie

It sounds like a no-brainer, but give your sweetheart something that they like, NOT something that you like. For example, I hate cologne/aftershave (all of them). So if I get a bottle of some fancy fragrance, it’s clear that the gift is really for the giver. I hate it, but they don’t care. They basically want me to smell like that and use the “gift” to make it look like they’re being generous and romantic. Same goes for wool sweaters: no matter how good you think I look in an itchy wool sweater (and they’re ALL itchy), that is not a gift for me, it’s a gift for YOU.

Sam Gusway

I was once given a DVD – which would have been fine, if it was something I had mentioned I enjoyed, or if it starred someone I was a fan of, or SOMETHING. It was Spiderman! A cheap, bargain bin-style, special featureless copy of a Tobey Maguire film I had not watched, had never mentioned wanting to watch, and had no interest in watching. I couldn’t even. If you’re getting someone a gift, wouldn’t you try to relate it, at least a LITTLE, to their interests?

Ginny Wong

A weapon in a video game. I never understand paying for a weapon, or anything in a game, let alone giving it as a gift. I heard of a guy giving his girlfriend a World of Warcraft weapon for Valentine’s Day, and he ended up killing her in the game with it. *Rolling my eyes*

Young Wang

A bunch of flowers. Buying someone 100 roses isn’t showing them that you love them, it’s showing everyone else that you love them. What a waste of money, and flowers. Preserved flowers would be a nicer choice, because they’re less expensive and last much longer than normal flowers. You can also preserve them yourself for a special touch. I think people are much more likely to appreciate small gestures of effort than big, false displays.

Ben Pang

I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, so I don’t really care if I get nothing. But worse than nothing would be flowers. Big, gorgeous, blossoming flowers of all colours of the rainbow. I’m allergic to pollen and that would stay with me for hours. No, thank you.

Heidi Yeung

Serving up toast topped with my all-time fave avocado — and then adding a disgustingly runny egg, with the disgusting yolk running disgustingly all over the perfection that was.

Karly Cox

Okay, okay, so just imagine that your pockets are literally bulging with lai see and you decide to give your sweetie the best Valentine’s gift ever. The worst thing you could do would be to give them a “candlelit dinner with Trump”. BAD IDEA!

Susan Ramsay

Mint chocolates – I cannot stand the taste. I’d get so excited from being given something sweet, then bite into it, and be revolted. If you like me, keep it simple and make it milk chocolate!

Sebastien Raybaud

Edited by Lucy Christie