7 apps to help you find discounts and good deals, and save money in Hong Kong

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Most students in Hong Kong will have a budget for their expenses. As tough as this city's education is - and tough as being a teenager is - you most definitely deserve to have fun and treat yourself to a nice meal or a fun day with friends now and then! 

To help you find the best deals for everything from where to eat to what to do for a fun day out, here are seven apps that does all the hard work for you:

1. Open Rice

If you haven’t downloaded this popular food app already, do it. Aside from serving as an aggregator of food reviews and restaurant guides, Open Rice also has a convenient discount coupon search that rummages through one of the biggest food databases in Hong Kong.

2. Carousell

Online shopping but without the hassle of shipping fees and such, Carosell allows users to snap a picture of the good they want to sell and post it – simple as that. Buyers and sellers then meet up at an agreed-upon MTR station to exchange the item for cash. Tons of good deals on both new and second hand items pass through Carousell, and you can definitely score good finds on this app.

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3. Eatigo

Another dining app, Eatigo helps users look for and book cheap eats at up to 50% off at any of the 3,000+ restaurants affiliated with the app. Simply search for a restaurant where the cuisine and discount suits you, make a reservation through the app, show up on time and show the digital reservation, enjoy your meal, and the bill will have the discount you selected already worked in. There is also a convenient cuisine and location filter, perfect for foodies who like to seek out new places to eat.

4. Klook

Want to plan a fun hangout with your friends but don't know where to go or what to do? Check out the myriad of local activities and events on Klook, and the exclusive deals that come with the app. Klook also works in a number of cities overseas, so it's a great travelling companion, too. 

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5. BloomMe

Wether you want a simple haircut, a mani or pedi, or a session with a makeup artist, BloomMe will assist you in finding sweet deals among more than 1,400 spas and salons in the city. It's also great for finding last minute services, so if you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands the app can help you quickly find a way to kill and hour or two.

6. HoKoBuy

Hong Kong’s version of Groupon, there are a bunch of package deals to be found on this app. Those who are planning their grad trips might want to look at the travel section, while those looking for weekend inspiration may want to check out the experiences tab instead, where you'll find options for hoverboarding, VR gaming, and more.

7. Money Manager Expense & Budget

If even with all these apps to help you find deals and discounts you still find it difficult to save money, or you often ask yourself, "where did my money go?" maybe the problem is you need to keep better track of your expenses. This Money Manager app is easy to use, you just input how much you spent and on what, and the app will categorise your expenses for you. This way, you'll start to see a pattern in what you're spending your money on, and if you need to save up, you can identify where you might be over-spending and cut back in those areas a little.