Valentine’s Day ideas for your SO, according to their zodiac sign

By Beth Cooper Howell
  • What should you get your significant other if they are an Aries? Do Capricorns like surprises?
  • Find out the best present and date with our special love-themed analysis of all the astrological signs
By Beth Cooper Howell |

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Valentine's Day gives us a chance to celebrate with the people we love. It might be a girlfriend or boyfriend, a best friend or even Mum and Dad. If you're not sure how to celebrate the day, here's an astrological guide to how to spoil that special someone.


Passionate, powerful and "full of beans", this enthusiastic go-getting type is full of love. Natural leaders, Aries don't want to be taken for granted. They also dislike being pushed around. A friend who gives them space, makes them laugh and is always honest would be perfect.

Their perfect day: Dancing in the rain with their BFF, followed by a funny movie and a big pizza.


  Anybody who loves a Taurus must be faithful - be careful not to stab this friend in the back.

 People born under this sign love great food and company. If you are loyal to them, they'll be loyal to you for life. Attention, not money, is what makes them tick.

 Their perfect day: A delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant, followed by super-sized ice creams while they window-shop.


 What is a Gemini's greatest fear about friendship and love? Boredom. Witty, lively and always up for a good argument, these people need clever, interesting friends.

 They always seek out someone who can hold a decent conversation and they resist shallow types.

Their perfect day: Watching a controversial film or browsing a bookshop for the latest best-sellers, followed by a lively debate over milkshake.

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They're kind, caring and born to share. Their ideal friend is someone who understands them and is sensitive.

Close to their family, they'll want any potential BFF to be respectful towards their parents.

An emotional type, they don't like arguments, so keep the peace, be laid-back and gentle.

Their perfect day: A walk along a river or the sea, sharing a sandwich and a laugh and simply enjoying nature together.


A Leo's generous, open-hearted nature makes them a natural choice as a friend - but watch out for that hot temper!

The noble Leo loves attention, so they won't appreciate someone forgetting their birthday or making no effort to find them the perfect gift. In return for being adored, they'll be a loyal and loving friend, too.

Their perfect day: A karaoke evening in which they are the star, followed by a smart meal at their neighbourhood's most popular teen hang-out.

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Practical, caring and a bit of a perfectionist, they won't appreciate less-than-shiny hair, poor manners or dirty feet.

The ideal Virgo friendship is about being on time, doing things properly and never, ever standing them up on a date - or being late.

Though they may seem controlled and detached, they are hurt deeply if somebody disappoints them.

Their perfect day: Dressing up for a live concert in a park and a fine sit-down meal with their BFF.


Libras are charming and diplomatic. Their biggest desire in love and friendship is for peace and zero arguments - no shouting matches in public, please!

Fair and blessed with good manners, they make a great friend. But they can be a bit impatient, moody and suspicious at times.

They need to feel well-balanced within themselves before they can commit.

Their perfect day: A lazy boat ride accompanied by their favourite songs, fancy chocolates and snacks.


Complex, mysterious people, Scorpios love deeply but get hurt easily - so a BFF who understands and truly cares for them is a must.

Critical of both themselves and others, they'll blossom in a relationship where their emotional needs are respected and their friend is 100 per cent loyal.

Anybody who tries to pull the wool over their eyes is in for a shock - they won't tolerate dishonesty or cunning.

Their perfect day: They want to be surprised. They enjoy the thrill of a mystery.

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Happy-go-lucky and fun-loving, those born under the Sagittarius sign enjoy a friendship that's all about laughter, fun and being down-to-earth.

Anything too serious or heavy will bore them, so you need to have a fabulous sense of humour and enjoy adventure.

Faithful and kind, they do get restless, so don't try and tie them down or get upset if they want some space.

Their perfect day: In the great outdoors. How about mountain climbing?


Practical and steady, they're not interested in any "funny business" in love and friendship.

People who play games with their hearts really irritate them - but shallow types are even worse. As deep thinkers, they tend to analyse the reasons behind relationships too much.

They need a BFF who makes them laugh, but is independent and can chat about most topics without putting them to sleep.

Their perfect day: Burgers and juices, followed by a movie and perhaps a shared milkshake or ice cream afterwards. Nothing fancy.

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Creative, cute and a bit eccentric, they love having a best friend who appreciates their crazy sense of humour.

They're very magnetic, so lots of people want to be friends with them. But if anybody even hints at being possessive, they'll be out of there in a flash.

Extremely independent, they don't deal well with emotional types who demand all their attention.

Their perfect day: Creating a three-course meal for all their friends at home, using only the ingredients in their mother's cupboard - and giggling at how it turns out.


The most dreamy, sensitive sign in the zodiac, they live for relationships and feel that everybody deserves to find that perfect friend.

Soft-hearted, sensitive and artistic, they'll spoil their BFF with pretty gifts, poetry or long phone calls. They will always be there as a shoulder to cry on.

Don't take advantage of their generous nature, however.

Their perfect day: A sleepover with their BFF, with popcorn, yummy food and favourite childhood movies.

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