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Class of 2020: this coronavirus-themed T-shirt is for you

  • We’ve been inspired by the Covid-19 advice of one Japanese amusement park to ‘scream inside your heart’
  • Wear a mask – and put on a tee, or carry a tote – that tells people how you feel about 2020
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Scream inside your heart, and protect those around you.

With the coronavirus not going away any time soon, one Japanese amusement park demonstrated how to enjoy their ride without opening your mouth and spreading droplets. The footage of two Japanese amusement park executives demonstrating how to “scream inside your heart” to avoid spreading Covid-19 while on a roller coaster has been a roaring success.

“Now our customers stay silent while riding on roller coasters,” a spokeswoman for amusement park operator Fujikyuko said.

But the phrase also feels like the ultimate advice for 2020, and perhaps no more so than for students who graduated this year.

And so we’ve created a little collection that we hope will keep your spirits up. Check out our T-shirts, face masks and stickers. Head on over here to see what we’ve got.

We’re not saying don’t express yourself. We’re just hoping the saying gives you some perspective in a crazy, crazy year.

Congratulations, Class of 2020! We’re so proud of you.

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