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August’s T-shirts of the month: it’s National Sandwich Month

YP cadets Elanna Mak and Aadya Dusad
  • With continuing social distancing due to Covid-19, celebrate that sourdough you’ve been making
  • We’ve found some awesome designs, from Instagram’s favourite katsu to the PBJ, and facemasks that will make passers-by jealous
YP cadets Elanna Mak and Aadya Dusad |

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Share your love of the sandwich with the people you love this month.

Even though extreme social distancing rules are in place, nothing is stopping you having a picnic at home – which is good news, seeing as August is National Sandwich Month.

Yes, yes, this is only really a thing in the United States, but another month stuck at home (and with all that bread you’ve learned to bake) feels like a particularly good time to celebrate the humble dish.

The perfect combination

Twice as nice

Peanut butter and jelly are good on their own, but what’s even better is a PB+J sandwich. Surprise your BFF or significant other with matching T-shirts to show they complete you :)

Buy peanut butter here and jelly here.


Nom nom nom.Splashing the Instagram-famous Japanese katsu sandwich across your tee is a sure way to get your OOTD a whole lot of likes IRL and on IG.

Buy it here .

This is fire

The ultimate.A T-shirt so beautiful you almost won’t want to wear it. *almost*

Buy it here .

Double (bubble) trouble

The best of both worlds.Your love for milk tea AND sandwiches rolled into one. Strut your style with this fun, artsy tee.

Buy it here .

Spread the love (but wear a mask)

Hugs!This adorable mask is a reminder that we need to support one another at this time of crisis (but maybe stick to socially distanced hugs unless you live with the huggee).

Buy it here .

Not just for Frozen fans

That's what I was gonna say!This pair of stickers makes a hilarious gift. Give them both, or hold on to one half so that when you meet up with the recipient, you’ll have a secret to chuckle about.

Buy them here .

Tell us how you really feel

You can never have too many totes.Share your love of the simple sandwich with everyone you pass (and never need a plastic bag again).

Buy one here .

Know your meme

Cat bread. That is all.

If you know, you know.Buy it here .

...and give me all the extras

Always the full-size subway, thanks.Passers-bys’ tummies will rumble when you walk past in this fun mask.

Buy one here .

The sweetest thing

The coolest treat around.Um, yes this counts as a real sandwich. The best sort! Buy them here .

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