Project Stay Home: beat the early summer holiday blues with Young Post’s exercise challenge, student podcast and online game

  • Here are some great ways to help you stay connected while social distancing during this period
  • Click on the link below to join our Instagram workout challenge or contact our reporters to sign up for Snack for the Soul and Werewolf party game
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It feels terrible to be stuck at home right now but it’s not all doom and gloom; you can still have fun and make the most of the holiday break! Photo: Shutterstock

Many Hong Kong schools are now having an unprecedentedly early summer holiday since the Education Bureau decided to bring the break forward as the city fights its fifth wave of Covid-19. How have you been doing so far?

Students have written to us expressing frustration with missing out on school and being isolated at home. We hear you, and we are here for you. That is why Young Post has launched Project Stay Home with three different activities to help you stay connected with each other.

Join our Instagram workout challenge, Daily Burn

You might have been staying home and staring at a screen all day ever since face-to-face classes were suspended in Hong Kong. Need some motivation to get active? Join our exercise challenge for a chance to win a HK$50 Decathlon coupon – we award three lucky students every week. Read more about our contest here.

Tune into Snack for the Soul, our weekly student podcast

Each week, different Hong Kong students offer listeners a glimpse into their lives during the pandemic and share something they have learned. When you tune in, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and feel connected with someone who might understand what you’re experiencing in these tough times.

Check out our most recent episode:

If you want to share your story, please contact our reporter Kelly Fung at [email protected].

Play an online game of Werewolf

Want to make some friends while practising your English? Join our live-action online game called Werewolf in which you need to work with the other players to figure out the Werewolf’s identity.

A Young Post reporter will be hosting the game via Zoom next Sunday, March 27 at 2pm. We’ll need at least six students per session, and all are welcome to join. The main goal is to speak English at all times during the activity.

Ready to play? Sign up by sending an email to our reporter Sue Ng at [email protected].

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