Pop princess Ariana Grande is coming to Hong Kong in September!

By staff writer
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We've hardly recovered from the news that Taylor Swift's bestie Ed Sheeran will be in Honkers this autumn, and now this: Teen Choice Award fave and neo-feminist Ariana Grande will also be gracing our shores this year!

It's just been confirmed that the pop princess will perform at Asia-World Arena on September 21. Tickets go on sale at www.hkticketing.com on May 22 at 10am.


We're obviously crossing everything that we'll get to talk to the Dangerous Woman in person, so that we can add her to our list of Awesome Songstress Encounters, which includes the likes of Jessie J and Fifth Harmony!

Meanwhile, here's a throwback to the time Young Post's deputy editor challenged two colleagues to a lipsync battle and won - basically because she knew the power of La Grande.