Ready, set, BINGEWATCH! 5 of the hottest shows to watch on Netflix this summer

Joy Pamnani (JR)

Want to make the most of your summer screen time? We scrolled through the Netflix offerings to bring you some great new shows

Joy Pamnani (JR) |

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Some of the best stuff on Netflix right now. Take your pick.

Netflix gives us a whole lot more TV and movie options, but it’s still pretty new in Hong Kong. Picking out a TV show to spend your summer watching is an important decision, so Young Post is here to help, with advice on the top TV Show picks on Netflix.

Nerds and geeks

Sci-fi is huge in the cinemas, and now it has slowly made its way to television. Based on a Stephen King novel, the sci-fi series Under the Dome is about an impenetrable dome that drops out of the sky, sealing in the town of Chester’s Mill.

The residents struggle to cope with being cut off from the outside world, but there are hints of a possible escape. True, it sounds almost identical to the plot of The Simpsons Movie, but with its elements of mystery, excellent special effects, and its timely metaphors of environmentalism, the series proves perfect for sci-fi lovers and nerds alike.

Put on your detective hats

One of the top British-American television series of all time, Sherlock has rocked television charts and won multiple awards since its release.

Inspired by the original Holmes stories, Sherlock is set in the present day, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes working alongside Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman), an army doctor wounded in Afghanistan. Watson meets private detective Holmes in his quest for a roommate, and the two begin solving puzzling mysteries to put an end to 21st century crime in Britain.

Sherlock is perfect if you’re into mysteries, particularly enticing as you make guesses about the killer throughout the episode. For those who tell you to stop watching TV and make more productive use of your time, remember that this one does teach you a thing or two about the science of deduction.

Drama queen

Over the years, we’ve seen Hongkongers go crazy over soap operas from here and abroad. This summer, why not try one that’s a little more lighthearted?

Drop Dead Diva is a popular American drama from 2009 that mixes in equal parts romance and comedy. Young, stick-thin model Deb Dobkins dies in a car accident, but when she’s denied entry into heaven, she hits the return button, and suddenly finds herself in the body of lawyer Jane Bingum, who is more on the plus-size.

The enormous weight change is a big shock for Deb, and so is her new career, relationships and more importantly, the fact that she must keep her identity a secret. The unconventional yet slightly relatable storyline is perfect if you’re looking for some fun drama this summer.

History comes alive

Anyone passionate about travel and history will be familiar with Venetian merchant Marco Polo, whose travels inspired the series Marco Polo in 2014.

The series revolves around Polo’s early years, spent in the court of Mongol ruler Kublai Khan. Polo’s father abandons him at the court of the emperor, who dreams of expanding the empire founded by his grandfather to include all of China. Discovering Polo’s exemplary observation skills early on, Khan begins to send him on spy missions to help turn his dreams into reality.

Marco Polo offers a pinch of romance, although it reaches out best to adventure-seekers – not to mention history lovers.

Getting political

Politics is always a hot topic, and there are plenty of great TV shows with political themes.

House of Cards is one of the most dramatic of them. It revolves around the life of Frank Underwood, who is promised an appointment as Secretary of State if he can help Garrett Walker get elected as president. But when these promises are forgotten after the election victory, Underwood swears revenge on the politicians who betrayed him.

This Emmy and Golden globe-winning political drama is great for those who like politics, especially since it seems more reasonable than a lot of the real-life political drama these days!