Laura Marling’s newest release features some of the singer’s best work

  • Marling moved up the release date of her album by four months, to comfort people during Covid-19.
  • Fans of her 2017 record 'Semper Femina' will be impressed with this near-flawless work.
Chris Gillett |

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Laura Marling's latest release is the perfect comfort for self-isolation.

Unlike some artists – ahem, Lady Gaga – who have postponed album releases because of the Covid-19 pandemic, songstress Laura Marling wants her music to be there for her fans when they need it the most.

Marling unexpectedly brought forward the release of her album Song For Our Daughter by four months – and it is stunning.

Fans of her 2017 record Semper Femina will especially love this. It’s a a similar approach, with folk acoustics and a rich, warm vibrato accompanying her elegant lyrics. There are no disappointing or weak moments.

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There are three particularly stunning tracks. Held Down feels like a solved jigsaw puzzle with parts slotting perfectly into place. From the open-tuned acoustic, to the compressed drums and beautiful harmonies, it kicks the album off faultlessly.

Only The Strong is equally impressive, with a delicacy, and raw lyrics – such as the line “Love is a sickness cured by time” – which hit incredibly hard. The song’s vulnerability, and that of The End Of The Affair, are spine-tingling and up there among Marling’s best work.

Closer For You is sweet, with relaxed chords and a male hum descending a major scale, and a gentle that stays with you long after listening.

Song For Our Daughter is a thing of beauty that could become a classic.

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