The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Published by Dover

ISBN 978-0064401883

A much-loved classic story, The Secret Garden revolves around Mary Lennox, orphaned and alone in India after her entire family die in a cholera outbreak. Her only living relative is an uncle in Yorkshire, England, whom she has never met.

Mary is taken across the world to her uncle, now her guardian, and she finds herself unwelcome in a dark cold house on the edge of the moors. The servants don't care about her, she is given no toys or books, and has no one to play with.

One day she meets the housekeeper, Mrs Medlock, coming from an unexplored part of the house - but is told sharply that she must never, ever, enter there. Mary meets Dickon, a village boy who seems to know everything about animals and the nature around her.

But Mary believes she is not alone in the house.

She often hears the sound of a child sobbing during the night. She eventually finds a way to explore the forbidden part of the house - and discovers she has an invalid cousin, Colin, pale and weak, and apparently bedridden.

Mary, Colin and Dickon soon become friends.

They focus on the secret garden, somehow knowing that it holds the key to returning the house to happiness.

Do they find it? Read this engaging book and find out for yourself.