Ani-Com Hong Kong 2019: 7 of the coolest things to check out at this year’s Animation, Comics and Games expo

Karina Chan

Get your fill of manga, video games and great cosplay at Hong Kong's answer to Comic-Con: San Diego

Karina Chan |

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Ani-Com Hong Kong 2019 is kicking off at the Convention Centre.

Gaming, anime and manga fans rejoice, it’s time for this year Hong Kong Animation, Comics and Games Expo to kick off once again. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from July 26-30, the celebration of all things related to this unique corner of pop culture is sure to please both casual and hardcore fans alike.

A bonus is that the Hong Kong E-sports and Music Festival is being held at the same time and location, so those interested in competitive gaming can also check out the top players in our city. Young Post was at the exhibition on opening day and we’re come up with a list of the five things you definitely need to check out at Ani-Com this year.

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Iron Man VR

If you’re a fan of Marvel, this game is for you! Exclusively for the PlayStation VR system, you just need to pull the VR goggles over your eyes, grab the controls and learn to fly with the one and only Tony Stark. Become Iron Man as you struggle to put on your suit as you escape from a damaged plane and blast baddies out of the sky.

PlayStation has a new VR experience based on Marvel's Iron Man.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

Cosplayers and merchandise

They’re fully suited in elaborate costumes down to the smallest detail, including wigs, makeup, and contact lenses in every colour. Take a picture with them- most will say yes if you ask respectfully. After all, they’re here to be seen. There is also a variety of cosplayer merchandise for the casual fan, including sunglasses, Anbu masks, and even realistic-looking fake swords. Be careful swinging them around though.

Cosplay is a big part of Ani-Com every year.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

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Independent artists

Not only is there official merchandise, there are also stalls selling hand drawn fan art with your favourite characters from Marvel and popular manga titles. There are many items to choose from, including wallets, posters, and even body pillows. (Disclaimer: body pillows are not an adequate substitute for actual bodies.)

Deadpool and Pikachu star in this independent artists' creation.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

E-sports racing pods

Put the pedal to the medal in realistic racing pods designed to resemble real race cars. Race against your friends on virtual recreations of the most famous courses in the world and strive to beat personal best. So much better than Mario Kart. (Sorry, Mario.)

Racing pods are set up to give participants a real racing experience.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

Retro arcade

Huddle with a friend over small free-standing arcade cabinets (they will make even Gen Z kids feel old...) and street fight to the death. Alternatively, publicly challenge a fellow gamer and seasoned gaming commentators stationed onsite just might choose your match to broadcast on the big screen to provide a scathing critique of your gameplay. GG WP.

A retro arcade with old games has been set up.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

VR drones

Try out this new form of E-sport and see things from your remote-controlled drone’s point of view as you loop through obstacles and whiz around corners as a virtual pilot. Crashing is guaranteed, unless you’re an expert drone pilot. Who knew drones could do more than just take great pics?

Try your hand at piloting a VR drone at Ani-Com 2019.
Photo: Karina Chan/SCMP

E-sports and Music Festival

Fancy yourself a pretty good gamer? Check out how the pros do it at the E-sports and Music Festival, where some of the city’s best video game fanatics will duke it out for cash prizes at popular games such as Counterstrike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknowns’ Battlegrounds and mobile favourite, Honor of Kings.

Tickets for Ani-Com 2019 are now on sale for $40 at 7-11 and OK convenience stores around the city, or at the gate.