Five apps to help A Series of Unfortunate Events fans have a Very Fun Day

Our favourite new Netflix series doesn’t have its own app yet – but that’s okay. Here are five apps with all the same spirit, adventure, and invention of ASOUE

Lauren James |

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(L-R) Neil Patrick Harris, Malina Weissman, and Louis Hynes in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you’ve already bingewatched A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix but you still want

a Snicket-fix, we’ve found five awesome apps to keep that creepy spirit alive.

The grisly game: Year Walk

Year Walk is a short yet scary game based on an ancient Swedish tradition.

Our favourite Netflix series may be more geared towards slapstick scares than actual horror, but Lemony Snicket’s books instilled a real sense of looming dread in their increasingly macabre twists and turns. Year Walk is a game based on the ancient Swedish tradition of the same name, which is said to conjure supernatural spirits. This unsettling gothic tale recalls the mystery and impending doom of ASOUE, with a creepy tale of a man who tries to see his future.

Available: iOS – HK$28

The wordy wizard: The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer is an app that helps organise your ideas for a story using a cool steampunk design.

Snicket crafts his tale so cleverly that the reader becomes immersed in his world. If you’ve read the books or seen the adventures unfold onscreen, you’ll have been tempted to have a go at writing your own tale of wordplay and woe. Make like Lemony and wrangle all your crazy characters, scintillating synonymy and improbable plotlines with a handy app like The Brainstormer, which challenges you to think in new ways and kindles the creative mind. An awesome steampunk design makes it extra Snickety.

Available: Android – HK$7.68, iOS – HK$15

The demonic disguise: Face Changer

Fool your friends by adding a beard or funny nose to your selfie

Why are Violet, Klaus and Sunny the only ones who see through Count Olaf’s flimsy disguises? With just a glue-on beard and some paint to cover up his ankle tattoo, the villain fools everyone but the Baudelaires as Captain Sam or Stefano the snake assistant. Any baddie worth his salt knows how to don a good disguise – so get some practice with Face Changer, an app that superimposes facial hair, frowns and fat rolls to make your selfie unrecognisable.

Available: Android/iOS – Free

The ingenious invention: Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game

Real-life inventor Rube Goldberg inspired this app game that challenges you to think outside the box.

Sunny bites things, Klaus absorbs knowledge from books, and Violet invents gadgets. Prepare yourself for that dismal day you’ll have to escape from leeches surrounding your sinking boat in this fun and challenging app game, named after the US cartoonist and inventor. If, like Violet, you’d find pouring a glass of juice the conventional way, try using a jack-in-the-box, magnifying glass and a cymbal to get the job done.

Available: iOS – HK$23, Android - HK$23.99

Cryptic codebreakers: Codewords

Codewords may look like a fairly straightforward crossword puzzle, but there's a twist: there are no clues.

When the Baudelaires combine their skills, they accomplish incredible things – decoding Aunt Josephine’s puzzling note in The Wide Window. Prepare yourself for that inevitable day when a mysterious distant relative tries to send you a secret message. The full version of Codewords has 900 complete crossword puzzles. But there’s a twist: there are no clues.

Available: iOS – Free, Android – Free for “Lite” version, HK$21.71 for full.