As the Hong Kong Book Fair 2018 opens, here are 5 events no booklover will want to miss

YP cadets Iris Lee and Jimmy Jim

It's not just all about stocking your bookshelf, you know

YP cadets Iris Lee and Jimmy Jim |

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Hong Kong Book Fair - it's not all about flipping pages.

The Hong Kong Book Fair officially kicks off on July 18, running until July 24 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. But the fair isn’t just about picking up discounted books by your favourite authors; there are loads of other events to check out.

We headed to the media preview to pick the top five book fair events that will open your eyes to world cultures and international literature.

Japanese Pavilion: a unique cultural experience

The Japanese pavilion is a giant tribute to Japanese food, travel, and of course, literature. This year’s pavilion welcomes exhibitors from 17 cities and prefectures showcasing well-known classic manga series such as Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan and the works of Tezuka Osamu. Visitors can pose in Japanese scenery-themed photo booths, buy manga magazines and posters, participate in a simulated Japanese-style video game, and more.

Where: Hall 5E, HKCEC

Award-winning Latvian writer to offer writing advice

Latvian writer Janis Jonevs is best known for his novel Jelgava ’94, an award-winning story about Latvia’s second proclamation of independence, and young people finding their sense of identity in the midst of different cultures. He will speak on European literature trends and his book - informative for fans and aspiring young writers.

When: July 19, 6.30pm-8pm

Where: Meeting Room S428, HKCEC

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The British class system in YA fiction and beyond

British author M. A. Bennet is best known for her debut novel S.T.A.G.S. Inspired by wealthy families’ shooting parties in the rural county of Yorkshire, the story is about young people's technological obsessions. Bennet will be sharing talking about the themes of her books, as well as the development of the British class system and how it relates to those books.

When: July 21, 6pm to 7.30 pm

Where: S222-223, HKCEC

The Holocaust through children’s eyes: Wartime diaries of Anne Frank and other child victims

Simon K. Li, the Director of Education at the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre, has studied historical genocides and human rights education. In this lecture, he will explore one of the darkest moments in history through the eyes of the most helpless victims.

When: July 23, 4pm-5pm

Where: Cultural Event Stage, Hall 1A concourse, HKCEC

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Love for our local talent

The “Love Between The Lines” exhibition pays homage to 10 Hong Kong authors, including Zita Law and Tin Hong, by exhibiting original author scripts to reflect Hong Kong's transformation throughout the years. A unique way to allow readers to get to know both the author and the stories they’ve created more intimately.

Where: Art Gallery, Hall 3 Concourse