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By Zoe Mak

After a long wait, the 20th Century Boys trilogy has finally come to an end. This will come as a relief to fans of this world-famous Japanese comic, but if you're not familiar with the series, watch the first two episodes to catch up.

The mysterious villain Tomodachi, or 'Friend', having seemingly saved the earth in 2015 is now president of the world. Tokyo citizens are living under a strict curfew and being brainwashed by Tomodachi's propaganda. They believe him when he predicts another catastrophe and says those who believe in him will be saved.

The protagonist, Kenji, returns to Tokyo after surviving Tomodachi's deadly attack in the first episode. He and his crew - Otcho, Yukiji and his beloved niece, Kanna - join to fight the evil villain. The climax of the film is, of course, the unveiling of Tomodachi's real identity.

The film's fast pace means you have to pay close attention so as not to lose track of what's happening. The impressive graphics help keep you focused, as does the cast, who fully embody their characters.

The plot is cliched but logical, and almost perfect. The only flaw is the ending, which has been changed from the original manga conclusion, perhaps to accommodate the time limits of a film and the patience of the audience.

Stay to the very end, or you'll miss out on discovering who Friend really is.

YP rating: 4/5

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