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Guy Ritchie's latest effort, Sherlock Holmes, is a fresh, exciting and highly entertaining interpretation of the famous fictional detective that brings a whole new take on the Baker Street legend.

Robert Downey Jnr's depiction of Holmes is far from the well-mannered gentleman that most adaptations present, but is instead a gritty and eccentric, yet adorable and almost childish character with an almost obsessive love of solving puzzles.

With the help of his intelligent doctor partner Watson, played by the charismatic Jude Law, Holmes catches Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) red-handed as he performs the latest in a string of ritual murders. After his apparent death, the dark magic enthusiast comes back to life and terrorises Victorian London. The detectives must combine logic and brute force to defeat an evil that threatens England.

Ritchie does an amazing job of balancing dark suspense with light humour and intertwining slick fight scenes and cool flashbacks which keep you guessing throughout.

The chemistry between Downey and Law is hugely enjoyable. Their frequent verbal disputes contribute a lot of humour, making Holmes and Watson one of the convincing bromances in recent years. Solid acting from the eerie, menacing Strong and Rachel McAdams's portrayal of the alluring, cunning Irene Adler are icing on a very satisfying movie cake.

YP rating: 4/5

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