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Adrian Wan
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By Adrian Wan

Having grabbed eight Bafta nominations, An Education turns 15 pages of memoirs into a solid film that keeps the audience guessing what's going to happen next. Directed by Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig from a screenplay by Nick Hornby, An Education was adapted from an autobiographical piece by British journalist Lynn Barber.

It tells the story of 16-year-old Jenny (Carey Mulligan) who can't wait to grow up. One rainy day, well-off, charismatic David (Peter Sarsgaard) - a man twice her age - arrives and sweeps her off her feet in his fancy car.

David introduces Jenny to a sophisticated new world of classical concerts and late-night suppers, but her English teacher is disappointed that she is throwing away an almost certain place at Oxford.

Mulligan is as believable playing the innocent schoolgirl as she is the new sophisticate. Her performance has seen her sweep the awards and promises much for the future.

Alfred Molina, who plays Jenny's uptight, conservative father, also impresses, with his perfect mixture of sarcasm and humour. This performance may deservedly land him a Bafta award for best supporting actor.

Scherfig's humour-filled yet sensitive portrayal of post-war London is extremely powerful; it brilliantly captures the sentiments of those who just aren't happy on their rung of the social ladder.

YP rating: 4/5

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