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By Adrian Wan

French director Jean-Paul Jeunet returns with another winner full of the rich characters and outrageous touches seen in his previous movies such as Delicatessen and Amelie.

Micmacs tells the story of oddball Bazil (Dany Boon) who, after being injured in a shoot-out, is adopted by a band of fellow misfits. Together, they exact revenge on two arms manufacturers whose bullets injured Bazil and killed his father.

Bazil's eccentric but caring companions are all lovable, larger-than-life characters. They support each other using their unique talents, which range from the remarkable inventions of Michel Cramadas' character to the incredible flexibility of a contortionist (Julie Ferrier).

The jokes will raise the roof, even in translation, and the beautiful visuals and daring camera-work also make this satire on the arms trade a treat on all levels.

Woven around the humour are some touching moments, but for the most part this is a light, witty and refreshing film.

As in his previous efforts, Jeunet has produced a world of improbable reality, much like a dream. Although the story does start out slowly, the eventual escalation of the tension between good and evil is absolutely worth the wait.

All in all, Micmacs is a very clever and beautifully filmed movie which definitely deserves repeat viewings.

YP rating: 4/5

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